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HOW to solve problems at work

Carefully plan the sequence of their actions when solving work tasks

Anyone faced with the decision of the workers' problems, but not everyone can competently solve them.

Make a clear plan of finding a solution, and you will achieve the best results.

You will need

  • - Assigned task
  • - The desire to solve



First, develop a system forranking tasks by importance. Upon receipt of the problem, take it a rule to immediately determine its importance: primary, high, normal. To fulfill the primary tasks proceed immediately, and the rest can be postponed, but be sure to give yourself a deadline for their implementation. If you're a calendar tasks in the mail, there is still simple. You can, for example, to set reminders or mark tasks with colored flags.


Any task starting and finishing of complexthe simplest, can be divided into subtasks. Then a decision will be given easier. Ending any step of performing a task, show the results achieved leadership. Ask, whether in the direction you are moving correctly, it is possible, the course should be changed. If the task you are putting themselves and to consult with the leaders do not need to? the easier. But do not forget about self-control and timing? are two major components that determine the success of the solutions work tasks.


If the problem is so complicated that it requiresengaging employees in other fields, do not hesitate to talk about leadership. Do not take on the task, to cope with which you will definitely not be able to on their own. Better to competently argue boss why you think that you may need the help of other employees.

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