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How to solve homework


How to solve homework</a>

For some children, homeworkSeems to be a real punishment. They try in every possible way to hide from their parents that they have to solve a difficult task or write a voluminous work, preferring to spend time at the screen of a monitor or television.

However, this behavior should be pricked up.

Perhaps, the reason for the reluctance to solve homework is not at all laziness, but in a misunderstanding of the material passed.



Therefore, parents need to understandSituation, and not take up the belt and scold the negligent student. But also to sit with the child for lessons too it is not necessary. Let first he try to understand the topic himself, and then you will help in especially difficult places. In this case, do not scold the child for making mistakes, because home the task Is given in order to understand and comprehend the material covered in the lesson.


Sometimes parents say that home the task Too much and it will take a long time. This causes fear of the child, calls into question his abilities and leads to a great reluctance to take lessons.


Do not refer to a child's past mistakes and neitherDo not evaluate him for school performance. In such a situation, your child may seem that only the marks in the school diary are important to parents, and not himself.


To do homework withoutScandals and hysteria, it is necessary to help the child to make a regime of the day and to allocate in it time for preparation of lessons. At the same time, teach the student to first solve difficult, in his opinion, tasks, and then more to move to the easier.


As for the parent's verification of completedTasks, there is no need to point out specific errors. Hint the child that they are, let them try to find and fix them. Do not forget to praise your child for a quality home the task. Take into account not only the volume and complexity of the lessons, but also the attitude of the child to learning, his ability and ability, and also do not forget about your personal example.

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