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How to solve problems with a beak budgerigar

How to solve problems with a beak budgerigar

The beak of parrots - a cornea covering the jaw from the outside and the inside. It serves as the birds for crushing and grinding food, nest construction, cleaning feathers.

Equally important is the beak when turning the eggs during the hatching and feeding their chicks, so you need to monitor his condition and be able to provide assistance in the event of a bird disease.

Features beak

why big beak parrot
All parts consist of a beak bone. Parrots have a tendinous ligament between the bones of the skull and beak, which allows them to move separately of the upper mandible. Depending on the species of parrots, their way of eating, adaptability to the environment, they may have differences of appearance beak.
how to trim the beak budgerigar
The cornea in the beak is growing andIt shifted to the edge, thus all the cracks and damage to fade. Fully stratum corneum is updated within six months. With the help of receptors located on the end of the beak, parrot detect heat, cold, touch and feel the shape of objects.
treatment of parrots from mite
To parrot beak watching purity, it requires a special surface, on which he will clean the beak of food residue and wash the excess keratin.
than to treat a parrot

Possible problems with the bill and their solutions

how to feed the budgerigar
The beak of parrots can grow, at the same timenecessary to verify whether it is fragile or brittle. If the result is positive, and in this case there are growths, then the cause is a mite, a disease called knemidokoptoz. Treat it very easy to spend a fairly complete disinfection of cells and use the facilities for the processing of the affected beak. Perfectly suited for this aversektinovaya ointment or petroleum jelly, offered in all veterinary pharmacies.
In the absence of disease possible excrescencesliver (poisoning, infection or tumor). It is necessary to include in food parrot vitamin complexes: A and vitamin C, biotin, folic and pantothenic acid, and calcium minerals. These trace elements prevent the softening and, therefore, changes in the structure of a bird's beak.
It is necessary to provide special parrottools for grinding beak. They can be mineral stones, special perch, sepia, branches of trees or shrubs, you will need to follow if their bird uses. The positive effect will supplement the diet of parrot solid grain and delisting of fatty foods, leading to liver disease and problems with metabolism.
Beak overgrowth can be due to strikeBirds them of glass or hormonal disruptions. In such cases, the beak must be neatly trimmed, otherwise it will reach such proportions that the parrot will not be able to eat on their own.
pruning process should be carried out verycareful not to cut more than necessary. As a general rule, it should do the expert that there was no bleeding and painful wound appeared a bird.
beak congenital defects may be due toBad incubation of eggs, or acquired in nestling age. During manual feeding chicks can easily damage their beak, because it is soft and they are in the formative stage.
Such defects can be corrected at the chicks. In adult birds, this is possible through surgery using an experienced veterinarian.

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