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How to solve problems with sound


How to solve problems with sound</a>

When working with playback devicesSound is often a problem, the cause of which can be anything, ranging from problems in the device and ending with a technical malfunction of the device to transmit audio signals.

There are several typical problems and typical solutions for them, on the basis of which it is possible to diagnose the laptop or audio player for the reasons of the problems.



If there is no sound at all and noInformation on whether it was originally, use another audio playback device. Just stick the other headphones and try to turn it on again - if there is still no sound, then the problem is inside the device itself. In the case of a laptop, this means the need to install drivers, and in the case of a player, a new firmware.


If the sound suddenly began to be interrupted by incomprehensibleReasons and then finally disappeared, then this is a technical problem. In the event that this problem occurs on the player, it's either in the headphone jack or in the headphones themselves. If the replacement headphones does not help, then you have to turn in the player for repair. In the case of a laptop, this means Problems With a speaker. And if the headphones connection gives a normal sound, then you should also transfer the laptop to the repair.


In case the music does not play loud enough,Try increasing the equalizer to the maximum for all settings. If this also does not help, try increasing the sound of the required sound track in a special editor for audio files.

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