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How to solve the problem with sound

How to solve the problem with sound

In the case of a playback devicesound problems are not uncommon, cause of which can be anything, ranging from problems in the device, and ending with the technical malfunction of the device for transmitting audio signals.

There are a few common problems and model solutions for them, on the basis of which it is possible to diagnose laptop or music player for the causes of the problem.



If there is no sound at all and there is noinformation about whether it was originally use other audio playback device. Just plug the other headphones and try to include once again - if the sound was still there, the problem inside the device. In the case of the laptop, this means the need to install drivers, and in the case of the player - the new firmware.


If the sound is interrupted suddenly I started for unknownreasons, and then completely disappeared, the problem is of a technical nature. If this problem occurs on a player, the matter either to the headphone jack or the headphones themselves. If replacement headphone does not work, then you will have to take the player for repair. In the case of the laptop, this means Problems with speaker. And if you connect headphones gives sound normal, then you should just pass the laptop in for repair.


If music is playing loudly enough,try to increase the equalizer to maximum in all settings. If this does not work, try to increase the required sound track in a special editor for audio files.

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