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How to solve problems with memory

How to solve problems with memory

It is believed that memory problems occur only in the elderly, and young people can easily learn any new information.

But this is not true, because stress and strain on their studies or work can lead to the fact that memory problems occur in young people.

To deal with such problems in the following ways.



First, you need to pay attention to yourfood. Many foods contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that contribute to a better functioning of the brain and, as a consequence, improve your memory. So, your diet should contain the following elements:
• Vitamin C (citrus fruits, pineapple, black currant) - it helps to remember for a long time, even a large piece of text.
• Vitamin E (sunflower seeds, eggs, leafy vegetables, nuts) - is a strong antioxidant for the brain to prevent memory loss.
• Vitamins and (bread with bran, wheat germ) - improves brain activity.
• Fatty acids (fish, shrimp) - helps to concentrate at work or school.
• Iodine, Zinc - develops thinking.
• Lycopene (ripe tomatoes) - shell protects nerve cells from damage.
• Carrots - strengthens the brain, a positive effect on attention and memory.


Every day, teach one poem orany song. In no case do not memorize the texts, and even more so do not try to learn everything at once. The best thing would be to stretch the process for the whole day, gradually memorizing one line.


Mnemonics - it is quite popular andan effective method to improve memory and attention. Memorizing information using this method - quite an exciting experience. The essence of this method is already known to bind to a word or an image with a new one that you must remember. For example, to memorize numbers or words via associations.


Also, working, you can remember the locationitems on the table. Look carefully at the items, and then closed his eyes and try to reproduce the images in the imagination. Exercising daily, you will soon notice that your memory has improved significantly.

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