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How to solve problems in school

Problems at school.

Almost all students will sooner or later have problems in school.

Some of them are solved very quickly and painless.

Others - cause a lot of negative emotions in the child and can really hurt his psyche forever.

But how to deal with school problems, and how they could ever be?



Problems with study.
Very often it happens that a child, a good understanding in the exact sciences, it is not inclined to the humanities. It goes without saying that a baby with these disciplines and will arise Problems. The best option in this case - to awakenthe desire to get acquainted with the "problem" in the disciplines of the child. You can also arrange and additional lessons with a teacher or hire a tutor. However, it is important to you and remember that the assessment - this is not important and does not put pressure on the child.

Problems with study.


Problems with classmates.
the child's relationship with peers is not alwayswent well. The child in this may be completely wrong. For example, your child may simply have chosen the weak link and at the expense of the collective leaders assert themselves. If so, the class teacher and does not prevent it, it is better to translate the son or daughter to another school. In case if Problems having recently seen in a quarrel with his best friend or girlfriend, you just need to wait.


Problems with the teacher.
Problems with the teacher - is the most difficult Problems for the child, because here he is not opposed topeer and adult. Important for you to first listen to the version of the child, and then talk to the teacher. If you see blatant tyranny and exalting himself over the child, think about how you can work around this teacher's son or daughter in his learning process. In the case when an adequate adult man just can not cope with your child and shows him aggression, as an option, you can agree on tutoring. Oddly enough, but sometimes it helps.

Problems with the teacher.

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