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How to solve crossword

So look scanwords

Solving skanvordov - popular intellectual game, which does not require any special skills.

It allows you to check your erudition only by means of a pen or pencil.

You will need

  • Crossword puzzle, any writing instrument



Solving Crossword puzzle - work faster andconvenient than the solution of a crossword puzzle. In skanvordov questions and tasks to be addressed, it is right on the main field - in the cells. From each cell with the job comes an arrow pointing where you want to enter a response. The number of letters in a word, the answer is determined by the number of cells from the square with the task to another of the same square, or to the edge of the field skandvorda.


Solve crossword can be from anywhere - top,from below, from the middle. It is best to start with solving a sufficiently long words, intersecting with a lot of other words. So once you get the letter-tips that will help in solving more of the following tasks.


Jobs in skanvordov come in several types. It is best to start with the issues that require a clear answer. This task may be to write the missing word (eg, "the great schemer ... Bender") or the ability to determine the selection of a single word (eg, "the author of the novel" The Captain's Daughter ",").


Also skanvordov have jobs that containpotential set of correct answers (such as "river in Russia"), or require to pick a synonym to the word (eg, "sadness"). To solve them, you need to count the number of cells set aside for the response to avoid too long and too short options (then version of "sorrow" just will not go for example, if the reply to "sadness" contains 5 letters). Then you need to solve some word, intersecting the data to open the letter-tip (for example, if in response to the task of "sadness" will open the second letter - "n", then the answer would be the word "spleen", rather than "melancholy" ).


If you are having great difficulties in dealing withtasks, you can refer to any aids: geographic atlases, dictionaries, synonyms, search engines. However, all these measures should only be taken in the case, if your goal - just to solve the crossword, and not check their erudition.

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