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How to solve a scanword


This is what Scanwords look like</a>

Solving scanners is a popular intellectual entertainment that does not require any special skills.

It allows you to test your erudition with just a pen or pencil.

You will need

  • Skanvord, any writing subject



Unraveling a scanword is a more rapid andMore convenient than crossword solution. In the scandal questions and tasks that require an answer are located directly on the main field - in cages. From each cell with an assignment comes an arrow indicating where to enter the answer. The number of letters in the response word is determined by the number of cells from the square with the task to another such square or to the edge of the scandvord field.


You can solve the scanwords from any place - from above,From below, from the middle. It is best to start with solving a sufficiently long word, intersecting with a lot of other words. So you immediately get help letters that will help you solve the next few tasks.


The tasks in scanwords are of several types. It is best to start with questions that require an unambiguous answer. These can be tasks for writing a missed word (for example, "the great combinator ... Bender") or on the selection of the only possible word to be determined (for example, "the author of the story" The Captain's Daughter ").


Also in scanwords there are tasks that containA potential set of correct answers (for example, "the river in Russia") or require to choose a synonym for the word (for example, "sadness"). To solve them, you need to calculate the number of cells allocated for the answer in order to exclude too long and too short variants (for example, if the answer to the task "sadness" contains 5 letters, then the option "kruchina" does not exactly go). Then you need to solve a word that intersects with the data to open the help letter (for example, if the second letter "n" is opened in the answer to the "sadness" task, then the answer is "splen", not "melancholy" ).


If there are great difficulties in solvingAssignments, you can refer to any auxiliary tools: geographic atlases, dictionaries of synonyms, search engines. However, all these measures should be taken only if your goal is simply to unravel the scanword, and not to test your erudition.

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