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How to solve a simple equation

How to solve a simple equation

For the first time faced with the equations of elementary school students, without knowing it. They are looking for a logical way an unknown member of the example, substituting instead the options of numbers.

The very same equation in the form that is familiar to all students, a little identified, summarized: unknown number of searched harder and is denoted as a rule, by the letter of the Latin alphabet.



Let there be given the equation: 4 - 6 + 3 = 43. This is a simple the equationWithout having in its composition degrees. An algorithm for solving linear equations: - Move known members (a number) of the right side of the equal sign, and the unknown (all terms containing the letter) - to the left. You should get this: 4 + 3 = 43 + 6. By the way, when moving in the opposite direction of its members to sign changes protivopolozhnyy- Fold homogeneous terms (with the same base). You will 7x = 49. Get an example, where among the three components, only one unknown, hiding under the sign "X" .Reshit example, to find "X" - the second factor, the product should be classified into the first factor: 49 x = 7 and x = 7. Answer: x = 7.


Sometimes simplified equation: 5x = - 25. Then a solution of such an example, just need to solve the work, finding one of the factors, given the mathematical sign of the number.

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