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Solid fuel boilers: installation, setup

Solid fuel boilers: installation, setup

One of the best ways to provide housing warmth and comfort - to set the solid fuel boiler.

Their main advantage - a full energy independence.

To the heating system worked fully and smoothly, you must correctly install the boiler.

General characteristics of the solid fuel boilers

Widespread use of solid fuel heatingfound in private homes and industrial sites. A distinctive feature is that you can create an isolated heating system that does not depend on any communications on the basis of solid fuel boilers. For such a heating system only need coal, wood, peat briquettes or other solid fuels. Solid fuel boiler - a great option for heating and hot water facility, located in an area where there is no centralized supply of gas and electricity. Beneficial heating with solid fuel in those places where it is widely available.

One of the downsides of solid-fuel boilerIt is that it has limited automation capabilities. Most long term operation of the boiler with a fuel tab is about three days of coal and firewood per day. This creates the need to periodically monitor the availability of fuel in the combustion chamber and the combustion process itself. This is no shortage in boilers using wood pellets (pellets), but for their operation need electricity. Therefore, the heating system with a boiler is not completely autonomous.

Sometimes, solid fuel boilers are used as a backup source of heat in areas with affordable electricity and gas.

Basic requirements for installing solid fuel boilers

For safe operation of the solid fuel boiler and the efficiency of the heating system, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

- Under the boiler is necessary to allocate a separate room with an area of ​​not less than seven square metrov-
- In the boiler room must be air-jet ventilation works
- The floor of the boiler room must be covered with non-combustible materialami-
- Distance from the boiler to the wall should be not less than half metra-
- Chimney parameters must meet the power kotla-
- Can not be stored in the boiler room, flammable materials.

When installing the boiler should pay attention to its power and performance, fuel required for its operation. And also choose the location in which it is stored.

Steps for installing solid fuel boiler

Choose to install the boiler location should bepour concrete screed, the thickness of which should be at least seven centimeters. The lower part of the boiler and close ties must be in contact with each other. If a gap is formed between them, fill them with heat-resistant sealant.

For high efficiency system performanceheating installation needs to be combined with a solid fuel boiler connection buffer tank (water tank). Its volume is selected depending on the capacity of the boiler. Capacity reduces fuel consumption, accumulates heat, protects the boiler from overheating.

To install the solution tank top pointheating system. On the outlet pipe between the tank and the boiler should be installed safety line, they are short by connecting the boiler and tank. On these lines you can not install any valves and taps.
When installing solid-volatileboiler, consider the connection to the network. Most often the electrical control panel and a fan that supplies air of the combustion chamber is provided with a gas-generating boilers.

First protaplivanie should take place under the supervision of a specialist, who should also check the heating system for tightness.

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Since the work is solid fuel boileraccompanied by smoke, soot, soot, chimney for the heating system it is imperative. Installing a chimney, it is inserted into the protective liner of stainless steel. The lower part of the tube equipped with condensate collection. Part of the chimney located in the attic, you should insulate. Once a year, the chimney should always be cleaned, this in several places his left holes. You can not connect to the flue other heating devices.

To avoid reverse thrust effect, outside of the chimney height should be more than a meter from the roof ridge. The diameter of the pipe should not be less than eighteen centimeters.

Starting solid fuel boiler operation, it must be inspected regularly. Finding any problems, you should contact the experts to correct them.

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Installation of solid fuel boiler is impossible withoutprotection of the heating system by siphon drainage and back pressure. For this purpose a check valve mounted on a pipe common water supply. For fluid regulation in the heat exchanger, the connection scheme involves balancing valve. To exercise control over the water temperature in the return flow, install a mixing valve that works offline.

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