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Kitchen sofas: convenience and comfort


Kitchen sofas are not only comfortable and attractive, but also practical. They can replace a few chairs, thus ensuring the possibility of relaxation at any time of the day.

What are the types of kitchen sofas?

Currently in the shops you can find the following models of sofas:
- sofa-bench-
- corner sofa garniturny-
- mini-sofa-
- a straight sofa (with two or three seats).

Sofa bench is usually made of lightBreeds of wood and is great for a kitchen in a classic style. To create a cozy environment on the bench, you can put a few decorative pillows. Inside this model there is a free space for storing things and kitchen utensils.

Corner sofas are perfect for small kitchens. Due to their compactness they allow to save considerably space in the room.

A mini sofa will look great at the window. Perhaps, this is the only model that fits into the interior of the 6-meter kitchen.

Straight sofas are very practical. They can be placed anywhere, the main thing is that the area allows.

Material for the sofa

Furniture for the kitchen should be of high quality andSolid. To make the sofa last longer, it is best to choose a case made of moisture-resistant wood. Also stainless steel is good. Unlike wood, it will not crack over time.

Material for upholstery should be chosen natural,And preferably, a dark shade, since on light fabrics any spot will be strongly noticeable and it is almost impossible to remove it. As a material for the seat, you can choose leather or leatherette.

To preserve the upholstery, lay soft fabric seats or blankets on the sofa, which can easily be washed.


All items in the kitchen should be in harmony betweenBy yourself, so that no one thing gets out of the picture. Therefore, when choosing a style for the sofa, be guided by the kitchen interior. It is better to choose a sofa after the repair is finished, when all the home appliances and cabinets will be arranged.

Softness of the sofa

If you are going to use the sofa insteadChairs, it is worth choosing a hard sofa. On it you will be more comfortable to sit at the table, and it will not be pressed. If you choose a sofa for a rest area, you will be more comfortable with a soft sofa.

The softness of the sofa in this case will depend on the thickness of the molded polyurethane foam, foam rubber or sintepon.

Size of sofa

The size of the sofa will depend on the area of ​​the kitchen. For a spacious kitchen you can choose a large sofa, and for a small room a small straight sofa that can be put in any place is suitable. In addition, some models can be disassembled, thus creating an additional sleeper.

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