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sodium sulfate in's Skin Care

Sodium sulfate in's Skin Care - harm or benefit

sodium sulfate, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, orSLS - is a surfactant, which is included in most cosmetics and cleaning detergents of economic means. Recently, much has been said about the dangers of this cosmetic ingredient, as well as many other synthetic chemical compounds in cosmetics.

Consider this question in more detail.

Benefits and harms of sodium sulfate

Useful property of sodium lauryl sulfateIt is its ability to act as an emulsifier, such as, for example, substances trideceth (trideceth). In other words, it binds tightly components of various cosmetic products, which are free of emulsifiers and "strive" in the case of separate into individual components. Surface-active detergents (surfactants), to which the sodium sulphate - this is the best emulsifiers.

Sodium Sulphate - an aggressive substance that provokes allergies and aggravation of diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Able also cause premature aging of the skin.

In this SLS also serves as a main ingredient in the cleansing shampoo, shower gels etc. This use of Sodium lauryl sulfate ends.
The following list of harmful propertiessubstance. As a matter of fact in their chemical aggressive sulfuric acid salt, SLS may become the strongest allergen which is particularly able to harm people who already have problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. The reason for this - the destruction of the lipid film of the skin, which is fraught with the use of sodium sulfate in looking after cosmetics. This means that the skin of the hands, face and body after prolonged use means containing SLS will age faster than usual.

Is there a way to avoid the effects of sodium sulfate?

Sodium sulfate or similar in their dangerousEffects on the skin surface-active substance is added today to the vast majority of washing cosmetics category massmarket. However, in contrast, there are organic cosmetics manufacturers who do not use sodium sulphate in the manufacture of their products.

Avoid contact with sodium sulfate are two ways to use natural organic cosmetics or learn at home to make soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc.

The second option - to do independentmanufacture of household soap, shampoo and shower gels. Thanks to modern cosmetic industry, the ingredients for such a safe and natural home remedies can now be purchased at most major shopping centers in the big cities. To organize the production of soap "for himself" is no more difficult than learning to make popular at home now handgum ([hendgam - homepage gum).

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