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SOAP Scrub with your own hands


Soap scrub with your hands</a>

For soft exfoliation and skin cleansing, soap-scrub is useful. The rigid fragments included in its composition remove the keratinized particles, make the skin smooth and soft.

This soap is easy to make at home - as an additive to it, use ground coffee, loofah or oat flakes.

Soap-scrub: benefits of use

Scrub in the form of soap tiles - very convenientMeans for careful skin care. It deeply cleanses the skin, removing the dead particles. After treatment, the body and face become more susceptible to creams, lotions and other care products. Fatty skin can be treated with a scrub every other day, dry - no more than once a week.

To prevent the skin from drying out, use soap-scrubHome cooking. Enrich its composition with nutritious oils, vitamins or infusions of herbs. As additives, milled herbs, oat flakes, coffee grounds, loofah or grape seeds can be used. Do not use too hard and sharp scraping particles - they can scratch the skin.

Soap scrub: a recipe for beginners

Try to make soap with ground coffee. It is ideal for exfoliating the skin of the body. The fine hard particles of coffee not only take away the dead cells, but also supply the skin with valuable oils, making it soft and peeling off the peeling. This soap is useful for those who care about the beauty of the figure. Coffee tightens the skin, making it supple - this is especially important for losing weight.

Choose the right form for soap - you can use silicone baking containers or children's sandbox forms. Do not take too large forms - the future soap should be comfortable to hold in your hand.

Rub a clear soap base - you canPurchase in specialized stores for soap makers. Such a base is odorless and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can dry the skin. Fill a mold with a slide - this is the portion you need to make one bar. Smile coffee.

If you plan to use soap not only for the body, but for the face, it's better to make coffee. To prepare soap, use a strained thick - with it the product will turn out softer.

Melt the soap base without bringing it to a boil. Add coffee to it. To make the soap more gentle, you can put a little cocoa butter in it, as well as oil solutions of vitamins A and E. A pleasant smell and toning properties of soap will give essential oils - for example, lemon, cinnamon or sweet orange. You can add to the soap and the finished flavor - for example, honey. Stir the hot base until smooth.

Sprinkle the mold with alcohol and pour into itPrepared basis. Align the surface with a knife and sprinkle again with alcohol so that no bubbles remain on the soap. It is convenient to treat soap with alcohol with a mini sprayer.

Soap can be decorated with whole coffee beans. Lay them on the surface of the bar before you remove it for freezing.

Leave the soap until it freezes. To remove it from the mold, gently press the edges to get air into the mold. Try not to crush the finished soap. Keep it, wrapping a bar in paper or putting it in a linen bag.

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