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How to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead

How to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead

Wrinkles may be a sign of not only age, but also the result of habit grimace and frown forehead. Therefore, wrinkles on the forehead can be obtained at a young age.

If you notice that even in the relaxed form of wrinkles on the forehead are urgently take measures not to aggravate the situation and did not look older than his years.



Performing this exercise takes no more than 2-3minutes. With regular performance results, you will see soon. Pads middle fingers press the center of the eyebrows to the frontal bone. Assuming 6, finger pull up the eyebrows and frown at the same time. Take a break for 1-2 seconds and repeat in reverse order.
Fingers are also put in the center of the eyebrows, onlyNow pull down their brows and forehead muscles tense as if you wanted to raise an eyebrow. Count to 6 and again take a break. Repeat for each position 3-4.


You can dramatically and almost instantly smoothforehead skin via a rapid masks, but its effect is usually lasts only a few hours. Take advantage of it can be in the case of lack of time to prepare for the important events. Apply the mixture on the skin of the forehead of the whipped egg white and 2 st.l.limonnogo juice and hold until you feel that the skin of the forehead pulled together. Rinse with cool water. it is desirable to do this mask lying, do not laugh, do not grimace not talk until the mixture remains on the skin.
Wax Mask forehead
Melt cosmetic wax, grease foreheadvegetable oil, dip into the warm wax strip of cotton fabric, cut on his forehead the size, and press it to the skin. When the wax hardens, remove the tab and remove the wax particles. Be sure to check the wax temperature before use, so as not to get burned.


As long as you do not get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, they can be masked with makeup.
For this procedure, you will need a tonal basis, enriched with silicon. The tone with silicone not only evens out the complexion: its composition efficiently fills the small dimples on the skin.
However, these funds will not bring the desired effect, if you continue to wrinkle the forehead.

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