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Small vocabulary speech how to expand opportunities

Learn new words can be effortlessly

Increase your active vocabulary of over a thousand words can be as little as three months.

The main thing - to replace the useless "vremyazhorki" to effective.

You will need

  • 1. The dictionary, phrasebook.
  • 2. A set of cards, visiting cards and colored pens, or easiest designer to create websites.
  • 3. You can use ready-made cards for memorization of words online. For example, http://learn-myself.com/wp-content/uploads/1_525528f53e552525528f53e592.JPG »alt =» How to expand your vocabulary »class =» lightbx »data-lightbox =» article-image »>How to extend vocabulary</ I></ P>


    Decor. If the job involves travel and the Internet at hand is not present, you will need a case for cardboard cards (regular fit business card holder). If the work is connected with the computer and have access to the Internet, it is more convenient to do the easiest site, where the main page is a hypertext list of words, and each term will be opened on a separate page. The page with the term will need to complete the illustrations or creative exercises on a given word. And do it better in the time that is spent on the "mental smoke break": balloons, flowers and Solitaire.

    How to extend vocabulary


    Visualization. Every word is necessary for learning to live, to feel, tying him to the visual and auditory associations, to the stream of images that it produces. To do this either on a piece of cardboard, or on a separate page, you need to draw a concept, or to pick up the photo-reminder. With what do you associate abstract word "being"? With a photo of the Earth from space, an old man in a Greek toga or some holy book. Fantasia - the best helper memory!

    How to extend vocabulary


    The active dictionary. Without using the word dies. It is therefore important to carry out creative exercises, making phrases and small texts of learned words. Even if it is an absurd tale about cognitive dissonance kleptomaniac. The creative process is included subconscious, and therefore, there are more clues, and word does not slip out of memory, like a fish out of hand. And, of course, need to read the thematic texts, to speak in the debate, to remove the psychological block before the new concepts and get used to his expanded vocabulary.

    How to extend vocabulary

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