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How to slow down the game speed


How to slow down the game speed</a>

Developers of computer games in the 90's andCould not imagine that the power of computers in ten years will increase thousands of times. In those years, everything was calculated according to a single principle: the more powerful the processor, the faster the game will work.

Therefore, modern players have to look for ways to slow down the system to play in products that have been loved since childhood.



Use specially written software. There are many programs that are easy to find on the Internet (for example, CPUKiller), specially created to limit the system. They set the highest bar of the processor frequency to a very low (set by you) value, and the games begin to work at the standard speed that the developers put in place.


Load the system. Run simultaneously several programs that actively use its resources: for example, 3D max or, for example, 3D Mark. Also, the defragmentation process or copying a large number of files is suitable. If the software from the previous point for some reason is not able to "artificially" slow down the system, then such a device is guaranteed to reduce the performance of the computer. The method is not always convenient, but in extreme cases it is quite applicable.


Use Task Manager. In addition to the known "close program" function, a window called with "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete" can directly adjust the allocation of memory for certain programs. Start the game, select it in the manager, right-click and select "go to processes" in the menu. Now in the similar menu for the process, pay attention to two items: "Define Priority" and "Set Compliance". In the first one, you should select "low" to process the program last, and in the second you need to limit the number of processors (cores) that will work with the products. Thus, you will significantly reduce the resources allocated to the program.


Check the game settings. It often happens that the speed of the game can be varied (for example, in tower defense or RTS), and in the settings for this there is a special slider. Moreover, sometimes such a button exists within the framework of the gameplay itself, it is usually located near the mini-card. There is also such a way: set the "do not skip frames" setting. This will mean that if the video settings are too high, then the game will work slower (this technique is actively used in Street Figher IV, where, putting everything to "maximum", you can enjoy the game, slowed down three times).

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