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Decoupage on the windows with your own hands: advice of the master


Slopes on the windows with their own hands: advice of the master</a>

Cosmetic repairs in the house quite often entail the replacement of conventional windows with plastic ones.

Thanks to this, the room becomes much warmer and more comfortable. That's only when replacing the windows you need to re-make the slopes.

This can be done in two ways - using plaster or sheet materials.

Finishing slopes plaster with their own hands

For this work you will need:
- putty knife-
- primer of deep penetration-
- plaster-
- building gypsum-
- foam plate for insulation-
- fiberglass mesh-
- sandpaper-
- waterproof acrylic putty.

Before you start shpatlevaniyu, cleanThe surface of old slopes from the remnants of insulation, plaster and dust. Then apply a deep penetration primer, which you can buy at any construction store. After 3-4 hours, when it dries, level the slope with a layer of plaster so that it does not reach the end of the window frame by 2 cm - this place will be occupied by a heater.

To plaster quickly seized, add a little bit of building gypsum into it.

Apply dried foam plaster on the dried plasterPlate. And one edge of the plate must necessarily go under the frame. On the plate, glue the fiberglass mesh and apply a layer of waterproof acrylic putty. Align the surface of the slope with sandpaper, whisk off the remaining dust and paint it in the desired color.

The glued foam plate will heat the escarpment and protect it from the appearance of the fungus.

Installation of slopes from sheet materials

As a rule, such slopes are made of plastic panels, which can be replaced with plasterboard. This method does not take much time compared to the previous one, but it costs a bit more.

For the manufacture of slopes from sheet materials you will need:
- plastic panel-
- putty knife-
- starting profile-
- semi-cylindrical self-
- drill-
- a dry board 20 on 40 mm-
- hacksaw or electric jigsaw-
- a pencil-
- white sealant-
- F-profile of PVC.

Prepare the slope surface before installation: Clean it of old plaster, remove excess foam and other foreign objects. After that, measure the starting profile along the inner perimeter of the window profile and cut off the required length. Fix it along the edge of the window profile with the help of semi-cylindrical screws, placed in steps of 20 cm.

After the start profile is placed along the entire perimeter of the window, perform the installation of the crate. To do this, along the edge of the slope, attach the wooden beam to the dowel of the nail.

Measure the top panel and cut off a pieceRequired size. Set one of its edges in the starting profile, and the other at an angle to the screws to the pre-prepared wooden crate. Similarly install the side panels.

Install the clypeus. As the last one, it is best to use the F-profile of PVC. Measure out its length along the outer perimeter of the slope and cut it off. Firmly install the F-profile into the panel. After this, treat the formed joints with white sealant to prevent dust and moisture from entering. Remove the excess with a cardboard or piece of plastic.

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