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Slimming Belt: Is there a benefit?

Belts for slimming: Is there a benefit?

There are many types of belts for weight loss.

Everyone looks and acts in its own way, but always if they help, and if they have any contraindications?

Recognizing it is necessary to purchase a miracle tool.

Lose weight fast, without impacting the physical bodyloads, without exhausting his diet - a dream that is hard to achieve. Domestic and foreign manufacturers are making a lot of effort, thanks to them, and there are various means for getting rid of cellulite and excess kilograms. One of them - slimming belt.
Separate the three types:
•; Belt-sauna
•; Belts using magnetic and electrical elements
•; Combined belt.
Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so consider each type will alone.


The operating principle is simple - to create a sauna effect. Putting the belt on the problematic area of ​​the body, through the use of special materials, you start to sweat. According to the inventors of this should enhance blood circulation and lipid metabolism. Toxins faster output, leaving an "extra" liquid, and the person loses weight.
In fact, the following happens - you sweat andthereby getting rid of the liquid, dry body. This makes it possible to lose weight of 1 kg, but after the water flow into the body weight returns. With this belt is heated by only the skin, it is not enough to melt the fat. Its effect can be compared with the effect of mustard plasters and lose them difficult.
They cost a bit. For making use of neoprene or other light airtight materials. Wear can be no more than 2 hours per day. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women. The belt is not suitable if you have heart disease, you are suffering from high blood pressure.

Electric and magnetic belt

In this belt is inserted into electric or magneticdiodes that generate vibrations and send pulses to the muscle contraction. In this way, the fat should be split, and gain muscle elasticity and tone to come. You shake the press, without getting up from the sofa, the waist becomes thin and flat stomach.
In fact, all a little different. Receiving the kind of massage, you really accelerate blood circulation and muscle tone to come. But weight loss is not enough. it is necessary to obtain a positive result to radically revise your diet and it is almost the same diet. So splurge on a belt is not necessary, adjustment of power will help solve the problem of excess weight.
Contraindications to the use of such belts - itblood disorders and vascular fragility, trauma to the abdomen or back. Research has not been proven, but they say that magnetic fields can cause tumors. They also violate the pacemaker. Not allowed to use a magnetic belt for pregnant women, people with cores and blood pressure drops.

Combined belt

These belts have combined and sauna, and vibration. According to the inventors, you'll not only lose weight, but also strengthen the muscles. It sounds nice, but in reality the result is not observed. From such a device is to give people with sensitive skin, pregnant and lactating, cores and high blood pressure.
The effectiveness of all these means are sufficientquestionable. They can be used as an additional device, but in conjunction with proper nutrition and physical activity. The main condition for getting rid of the extra kilos - to consume less calories and burn more.

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