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Slaked lime: production, properties, applications

Hydrated lime: production, properties, applications

Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) - inorganic compound.

In production it is obtained by mixing water with calcium oxide.

Widespread use of slaked lime obtained in the manufacture of construction materials such as plaster solution, plaster and whitewash.


Calcium hydroxide prepared in the laboratoryconditions by mixing sodium hydroxide and an aqueous solution of calcium chloride. The mineral form of hydrated lime is contained in some of the metamorphic, volcanic and plutonic rocks.

Besides it is possible to obtain calcium hydroxide during coal combustion.

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Calcium hydroxide - White powder, odorless and colorless crystals which decompose when heated to 560 degrees to water and calcium oxide.

Refractive index 1.574 of calcium hydroxide, acidity (pKa) 12.4, solubility in water 0.189 g / 100 ml, density 2.211 g / cm3, the molar mass of 74.093 g / mol.

The alcohol hydrated lime is not dissolved.

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Lime water - it is a saturated solution of white calcium hydroxide. Its antacid properties are used in the medical field in the treatment of acid burns.

Slaked lime is widely used in the following industries:
- For the production of calcium stearate - in the chemical industry-
- For the production of additives for oils - in the refining industry-
- In the production of metals. Gidoksid calcium is added in the treated gas stream to neutralize the acid-
- To improve the quality of ground soil - build-road
- To store vegetables in the hangars - the production of antimicrobial and antifungal preservatives.

To mitigate the greenhouse effect and reducing atmospheric CO2 calcium hydroxide is used as an additive in seawater.
Also, hydrated lime is used as a natural alternative to chemicals in the fight against bugs, fleas, mites and their larvae.
Often in the construction industry hydrated lime used for smearing whitewash rafters and wooden fences. Thus, materials to protect against fire and putrefaction.

Calcium hydroxide is also involved in the manufacture of brake pads, creams for hair removal, tank mixtures, bleach, ebony and others.

In dentistry, the special composition of slaked lime is used as a disinfectant for dental root canals.

In the food industry in the slaked limeexcess is used as a food additive E526. It is added at the production of baby food, fruit juices, energy, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, sugar cane, pastries and baked goods, tortillas, sweets and confectionery products, edible salt, pickles.

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