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Skyrim - secrets and just useful information


Skyrim is a great game with an open world,Created by Bethesda. In addition to the main storyline and a variety of additional quests, this universe is filled with almost limitless user capabilities. However, the game is rather complicated. To facilitate the process, you need to know a few useful secrets.

Skyrim - secrets and just useful information
Many players for some reason do not use the opportunityBlocking strokes. It does not matter which weapon you use. If you hold down the right mouse button, your character will take a defensive stand and will parry blows. The plus of this method is not so much that the player loses less health, how much in increasing protective skills. If you want to quickly pump out a character, just find a crowd of enemies, run into the center and parry their punches.

Character Development

Choosing the path of a thief, you got a great chanceLearn many gaming skills without spending a penny. Find teachers who teach players different arts. Go through all five steps, and then steal your money back. So you can develop the skill of "pocket theft", as well as several others that the teachers offer. Just remember that you have a chance to be caught, so always do conservation.

Blacksmithing is a good opportunity forEarnings and create really good equipment. The forge is in almost every city (and not only in the city), so you can work almost everywhere. Resources can be obtained independently in mines or bought from traders. The second option is preferable if you have already accumulated a certain amount and you do not want to waste time.

The secret is that you can always forgeThe same weapon. The most economical option is the usual steel daggers. They are made in a few seconds, and the skill of blacksmithing is raised no worse. After you develop level 50, select "banishment". Thanks to this, you can enchant a weapon with the help of soul stones. One such dagger will now cost from 3000 coins. That is, it is an unlimited gold mine.

Tips and Bugs

Do not forget to constantly improve your armor andWeapons. If you do not have enough level for self-sharpening, buy this service from NPC (non-player characters). It is best to charm weapons in the College of Wizards of Winterhold. It's hard to get there, but the cost and quality will be much higher.

The game has one bug that allows you to noticeablyIncrease the eloquence. To use it, you need to come to Riften and find a character called Ungrien. Ask him how he treats his employer. He will start telling you about how good she is. Then, applying the belief, make him tell the truth and do not move the mouse.

For about 20 minutes this character will beTalk about all the shortcomings, mistakes and bad deeds of the employer, and your eloquence skill will begin to increase exponentially. In a few minutes, this figure will reach a maximum.

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