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Skopje - Macedonian capital

In 1991, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, a new, independent, parliamentary republic - Macedonia.

It became the capital of a great city located on the river Vardar - Skopje.

The capital of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia - previously the most southern part of Yugoslavia, is now an independent state located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula and has no outlet to the sea.
The capital of Macedonia - Skopje was founded by the Illyrians, who called it in those days - sparingly. Since the VII century it began to settle Slavs.
At various times, Skopje was part of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, was the capital of Serbia. Several times the city suffered severely from earthquakes.
Today the population of the capital city has about half a million people, including the Macedonians make up a large part. Also there live Serbs, Albanians, Roma.

Skopje Attractions

Come tour opens in SkopjeBeautiful view. Capital meets the cross, which is mounted on Krstovar mountain in honor of the adoption of Christianity. It was established as early as the 3rd century BC and since then the memorial sign guards the city.
Skopje sufficiently developed public transportation, so the budget traveler will not be difficult to reach, for example, to the center. The city bus and 80 tram lines 4.
We can not say that Skopje is a modernthe capital, there is nothing for a long time did not build, and did not change, buses and trams plying the routes of old samples. But with the natural and architectural beauty, which generously endowed this city, everything old becomes secondary. The feeling of admiration in travelers is the splendor that the city lives and breathes, stores and protects the eyelids.
Strolling through the streets of the city, can be foundmany old monuments. Kale Fortress - one of them. It is centrally located on a hill in the valley of the Vardar. Climbing up to the castle, look, you can reach all the neighborhoods of the capital and magnificent scenery.
Also, the city has a zoo, not, of coursesuch as in Europe, here today animals are going through hard times, but the volunteers are trying to improve conditions of detention, here every day people come to clean the cells, feeding the animals and donate money for the restoration.

Skopje Symbols

Undoubtedly, every resident will speak about Skopjesymbol of the city, which is considered to be a stone bridge that unites the shore of the river Vardar. It was built in the 15th century, the inhabitants of the city kept the bridge and restore after a failure. In the evening, the lights that illuminate it, making the landscape even more mysterious, a feeling of fairy tale and magic, leaving the tourists at a time when even the latest technologies were not developed, and people lived, built and rejoiced small they had.
According to tradition, and numerous historicalevidence, Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, canonized and known for his charity work. In this regard, it has already become a tradition that every guest of the city is trying to do something good and kind.

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