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Skin cleansing at home

Skin cleansing at home - simple tips

Skin cleansing in the home - quite effective procedure. In order to carry out the cleansing of the skin at home, you'll need a little time and the desire, and the ingredients are the most simple

Clean, healthy skin - every woman's dream. But to achieve this can not every. Of course, you can contact the experts and to conduct expensive salon treatment, but cleansing at home It will cost you much cheaper.

How to clean the house faces

If you decide to spend cleansing at home, it is very important to observe two rules:

  • All procedures should be performed only on clean skin and thoroughly washed rukami-
  • in the presence of inflammation, pimples or skin diseases by cleaning have to give.

First you need to steam the face to the poresopened. Boil a pot of water and leaned over her, throwing a towel on his head so that the steam does not come out. Making steam bath should be not less than a quarter of an hour. In a saucepan with water, you can add herbs to increase the effect.

After steaming the skin when the pores enoughexpanded, you can actually begin to cleanse skin. There are two options: peeling or mechanical cleaning. Peeling - a cleansing of the skin with the help of cosmetics - scrubs, for example. Mechanical cleaning - the removal of blackheads extrusion.

When squeezing blackheads necessarilyperiodically lubricate the face of the hydrogen peroxide to prevent entry into the open pores of new pollution. If you decide on a procedure such as extrusion, try not to put pressure on the skin nails - may leave traces or even small shramiki. If the black dot is not squeezed out at once, it is better to leave it until the next time.

At the end of home skin cleansing procedure it is necessary to make a mask, which narrows the pores and make the skin more elastic.

Simple recipes for home cleansing

148261_53642c4b4941b53642c4b49453.jpegHere are a few simple recipes for home cleansing. It is very simple to prepare Scrub with salt and coffee. To cook it you need a dining roomspoon ground coffee (or coffee grounds) and a teaspoon of a large dining room or sea salt. If you have oily skin, then the components you want to add a little water and a tablespoon of natural yoghurt, for dry skin - one tablespoon of milk and sour cream, and a little olive oil. The components mix thoroughly and apply on the skin with light massaging movements, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Of all the masks for the skin is the most versatile mask of clay. Make it very simple - dilute water, clayto the consistency of sour cream and apply on face. When the clay dries out a bit, you can massage the skin with your fingers or just wash it with warm water soaked in water. Clay is chosen depending on your skin type - details you can check on the product packaging. Black clay fits all, but it has the pulling effect and after such masks unwanted pimples and rashes may occur. However, after a few applications, everything passes and the skin becomes soft and smooth.

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