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Skin care in winter

Skin care in winter

Winter skin is the most dangerous season, especially for the face.

In winter, the face is constantly struggling with the wind, snow and frost.

To avoid disaster struck with a face requires careful care.

Otherwise, dryness, peeling and other problems do not keep you waiting.

What makes a winter skin?

The most common weather-beaten face and hands, the skin becomes dry and dull, lost tone and begins early skin aging.

Preparation of the skin for winter

In summer, the skin should be properly prepared for winter,better than it looks in the summer, the easier it will take the winter. Perfect skin must be well hydrated, that is, be supple, smooth and elastic. If the skin is not so, it is necessary to draw conclusions and urgent to save her.

Protecting the skin from the cold

There is a proven way to protect the skin fromfrost - the application of a special winter barrier cream, thanks to the composition of oils and fats, the skin no cold is not terrible. Do not forget about the sun, which are not safe, so you should use a cream against ultraviolet radiation. Also do not forget about lips, they have a very sensitive skin that requires daily care. Lips suitable means such as chapstick, balms and protective cream.

Skin care is required not only in the daytime but also at night. Before going to bed you want to use night cream. Required cleans tools, such as scrub, exfoliation and mask.

Not only the person requires care, but also the hair andAlso the body. body skin may peel off due to the hot water or improper means and lack of vitamins. The hair can be dry, dull, thin due to improperly matched shampoo or a mask. For the body is required to use individualized shower gel, scrub, the skin is in good shape and did not have orange peel, milk or cream for moisture conservation, use deodorant.

Hair is required to do a mask once a week,use a professional shampoo, massage the head after washing and be sure to wipe your hair only a towel. Without care and can not leave his hands, you need to use nourishing cream, do housework while wearing gloves.

Tips for skin care:

- Before going out for half an hour is required to apply a nourishing cream for the face, it will help protect skin from frost and wind.

- Instead of a protective cream or on top of it can be applied concealer, if you wish, you can use and powder.

- It is advisable not to use tap water to the skin, it is best to use milk, tonic and cleans various means.

- A healthy diet, a pledge of all beauty.

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