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Skin care in the winter season


Skin care in the winter season</a>

Winter for the skin is the most dangerous season, especially for the skin of the face.

In winter, the face constantly struggles with wind, snow and frost.

In order to avoid trouble with the face, careful care is required.

Otherwise, dryness, peeling and other problems will not keep you waiting.

What does winter with skin do?

Most often, the face and hands are weather-beaten, the skin becomes dry and dull, the tone is lost and the early process of skin aging begins.

Skin Preparation for Winter

In summer, the skin should be properly prepared for winter,The better it looks in the summer, the easier it will be for the winter. The ideal skin should be well hydrated, that is, be elastic, smooth and elastic. If the skin is not such, it is necessary to draw conclusions and urgently to save it.

Protection of the skin against cold

There is a proven way to protect the skin fromFrost - application of a special winter barrier cream, thanks to the composition of vegetable oils and fats, no cold is scary. Do not forget about the sun's rays, which are unsafe, so you need to use the cream from ultraviolet radiation. Also, do not forget about the lips, they have a very delicate skin, which requires daily care. For the lips are suitable tools such as hygienic lipstick, balms and protective cream.

Skin care is required not only during the day, but also at night. Before going to bed, you need to use night cream. Obligatory cleaning agents, such as scrub, peeling and masks.

Not only does the face require care, but also the hair, andAlso the body. The skin of the body can peel off due to hot water, improperly selected means and lack of vitamins. Hair can be dry, dull, thin due to improperly selected shampoo or mask. For the body, you need to use an individually selected shower gel, scrub, so that the skin was toned and there was no orange peel, milk or cream to keep the hydration, use a deodorant.

For hair, you need to do masks once a week,Use professional shampoos, do scalp massage and after washing, always wipe your hair with a towel. Without care, you can not leave your hands, you need to use nutritious cream, do housework with gloves.

Advice for skin care:

- before going out on the street, for half an hour you must apply a nourishing face cream, it will help protect the skin from frost and wind.

- instead of a protective cream or on top of it, you can apply a foundation, if you want you can use it and powder.

- it is advisable not to use water from the tap for the skin, it is better to use milk, tonic and various cleaning agents.

- a healthy diet, a pledge of all beauty.

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