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GAIMORIT: signs and treatment


Sinusitis: signs and treatment</a>

Genyantritis is a disease in which the maxillary sinuses of the nose become inflamed. Complications can occur after the flu, scarlet fever, measles, other infectious or viral diseases.

In the maxillary sinuses bacteria enter, the nose pawns, the accumulation of mucus and pus begins.

Signs of genyantritis

With genyantritis, the patient loses his sense of smell, appearsPain in the head, in the nose and temples. Body temperature keeps subfebrile, but can rise to 38-39 degrees if purulent contents accumulate in sinuses. The nose is laid, when you try to blow your nose the headache becomes worse, a characteristic squelching occurs. The skin around the eyes turns red, there may be a toothache, a general malaise, caused by intoxication of the body.

Treatment of genyantritis

The doctor the otolaryngologist selects the individual scheme or planTreatment for each patient. Antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action help to get rid of an infection. Removing the pressure in the maxillary sinuses is helped by daily suction and washing by the "cuckoo" method. It is often used a soft rubber catheter, or Yamik method. In chronic sinusitis, steroid pharmaceutical sprays or drops are recommended.

With fungal antritis, antibacterial drugs are powerless. The patient is recommended antifungal agents, which are used for 4-8 weeks.

Puncture, or puncture of the maxillary sinuses -An effective way in which the patient receives instant relief of all symptoms. Under local anesthesia, the patient is punctured between the maxillary sinus and the nasal septum. Purulent contents from the sinuses are removed and filled with saline. After a puncture, the sinusitis passes for several days.

With advanced genyantritis laser therapy is indicated. Laser treatment is completely painless, does not cause allergic reactions, quickly removes inflammation.

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