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Sinusitis in children: how to prevent complications

Sinusitis in children: how to prevent complications

Innocuous at first glance, a children's runny nose can result in a serious illness like sinusitis, which is much harder to treat.

To avoid complications, it is important to diagnose the disease and the time to begin treatment.

Causes and symptoms of sinusitis

Despite the seeming monotony of the symptoms of sinusitis,expressed not only in the sensation of nasal congestion, purulent contents of the sinuses and headaches, among the reasons of this disease can be set. There are acute and chronic sinusitis. First it is particularly common in childhood and may be the consequence of suffering a cold, infectious and viral diseases. There sinusitis and weakened immunity, when there are enlarged adenoids. In chronic sinusitis proceeds in the absence of timely treatment of acute inflammations.

One of the characteristic signs of sinusitis in a child can be a snores at night, as well as an attempt to breathe through your mouth.

Complications sinusitis

Most of them are harmless, if any conceptgenerally it can be applied to a disease, - a change in the nasal mucosa, which occurs against a background of inflammation in long nasopharynx. As a result, it ceases to perform barrier for viruses function and the child starts to hurt more often. In addition to infection sinus infection can also penetrate into the eye sockets and ears. Because otitis sinusitis is one of the satellites. A hearing loss on the background of the disease can, in principle, to develop without symptoms and be detected only in the course of examination by a specialist. But the most terrible consequences of sinusitis occur in cases when the infection penetrates the brain, causing meningitis and meningoencephalitis.

Also, be aware that the shortness of breath due to nasal congestion prevents oxygen flow to the brain in the proper amount to him, which may contribute to underdevelopment.

How to treat sinusitis in children and prevent its consequences

can be prevented only when complicationscomplex treatment. An important part of it is washing the sinuses of accumulated mucus, which is the source of germs. Use this as a fiziorastvory and normal sea water. Recommended in the sinus and physiotherapy, but to solve the question of their appropriateness can only physician. The younger the child, the more serious approach to the treatment up to the hospital. Concomitant therapy is the use of antibiotics and drugs that reduce swelling of the mucous membrane. The extreme measure used in the absence of the impact of treatment - is sinus puncture, in which their content is removed by surgery, and drugs that block inflammation, injected directly into the source.

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