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SINGER Natalie: biography

Singer Natalie

Singer Natalie was destined to survive for at least two creative births. Not everyone knows that she recently turned 40 years old.

The singer has long had no children. She asked the Almighty to give her the happiness of motherhood.

And now she has everything to be happy.


The song "Oh, God, what a man," Now sing andadults and kids. It sounds from the windows of houses, cars and cafes. Hit summer 2013 singer Natalie sang, the same one that sang in the '90s "The wind was blowing from the sea." I can not believe that this beautiful, graceful woman March 31, 2014 was 40 years old.
The singer is not shy at all this, unlike many pop stars. She does not hide his age, because he knows that all these years does not look.

Now Natalie pleased to invite you to many programs, aired in prime time. However, a few years ago about Natalie nothing was heard.

The singer shone in the 90s, performing theirhits with the band "Nancy" and solo. The life of the singer was not as serene as her songs, she literally had to beg for the birth of their future children. But first things first.

Biography Natalie

The girl was fortunate to be born into a musicalfamily. Mum Natasha studied at the School of Music in piano and finished it. The girl passed on to his mother's love of music, and in 1991 she became a participant of the musical group "chocolate bar". At the same time writing and recording songs in their own performance.
After 2 years, the singer moved to Moscow and takes the pseudonym Natalie known today. In 1995, it is published in the smash-hit "Pink Night" in her performance.

Full singer Natalia name and surname Minaev. The girl was born in the maternity ward of Dzerzhinsk, which is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. She graduated from the school and then - a teacher training college.

Popular Natalia began after the song "Wind fromthe sea was blowing, "which she performed in 1997. In 1999 and 2000 Natalie released 2 albums - "Counting" and "First Love". Since then, the singer Natalie almost never performed, it seemed that she had finished her musical career, as many singers 90s.
However, Natalia decided to devote herself to her husband(Alexander Rudin), which is associated with the life knot in 1991 and the son Arseny, who was born in 2002. Eleven years, the couple had no children, so it was a clear desire to be near the singer's son, family.
In 2011, the couple had another son -Anatoly. But the creativity of a young woman was not asleep all the time. And in 2013 she pleases listeners new smash hit, "Oh, my God, what a man." The music to the words of Rosa Zimens Natalie wrote itself in just one hour.
Now Natalie is happy - she had a loving husband, two children and an army of fans. She is going through the second round of popularity, and it also can not fail to please her.

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