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SIMPLE exercises for busy and lazy

Simple exercises for busy and lazy

The benefits of exercise to maintain your body in good shape all know.

But many of us justify their sedentary lifestyle workload at work, lack of time to exercise daily life.

Sometimes we overpowered elementary laziness.

Meanwhile, give your body enough exercise is possible without unnecessary time-consuming.

A simple exercises you can do while sitting at your desk or lying in front of TV.

Even standing in a traffic jam - a good excuse to do a few simple exercises.

The entire complex will take no more than five minutes, butit is desirable to carry out every hour. Of course, such a claim may seem could be hard. Try to give yourself installation takes exercise in every free minute during the day, depending on the situation and desires.

  1. This exercise is done sitting. Raise the toes of both feet, keeping heels on the floor. We need to do 40 repetitions.
  2. Following the previous exercise, also 40-fold, raising the heel. Socks are pressed against the floor.
  3. The next exercise is the rhythmic contraction and release the gluteal muscles. Do 40 repetitions. Run can be lying down, sitting or standing.
  4. Now you need to slowly draw and bulging belly. The number of repetitions - no more than 15 times. Perform lying, sitting or standing.
  5. In the sitting position or standing slowly move the blades toward the spine and return them to their original position. Do 40 repetitions.
  6. Lying, sitting or standing in front of a hand pulling, start compress and decompress fists. Repeat 40 times.

Carrying out these simple exercises in between times, you will soon notice that the arrow floor scales start to deviate to the left, and his body was slim and fit.

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