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SIMPLE gymnastics for busy and lazy

Simple gymnastics for busy and lazy</a>

Everybody knows about the benefits of physical exercises to keep their bodies in good shape.

But many of us justify our sedentary lifestyle with workload at work, a lack of time to engage in sports in everyday life.

Sometimes we are overcome by elementary laziness.

Meanwhile, to give your body enough physical exertion can be without extra time.

The simplest gymnastics can be performed sitting at the desk or lying in front of the TV.

Even standing in a traffic jam is a good reason to do some simple exercises.

The whole complex will take no more than five minutes, butPerform it preferably every hour. Of course, such a requirement may seem difficult. Try to give yourself a setup to exercise at any free time during the day, depending on the situation and desire.

  1. This exercise is performed while sitting. We lift the toes of both feet, without lifting the heels off the floor. It is necessary to do 40 repetitions.
  2. Following the previous exercise, also 40 times, raise the heel. The socks are pressed to the floor.
  3. The next exercise is to rhythmically compress and release the gluteal muscles. We do 40 repetitions. You can perform lying, sitting or standing.
  4. Now you need to slowly draw in and protrude the belly. The number of repetitions is no more than 15 times. We perform lying, sitting or standing.
  5. In the sitting or standing position, slowly move the scapula to the spine and return them to their original position. We do 40 repetitions.
  6. Lying, sitting or standing, we stretch out our hands in front of us, begin to squeeze and unclench fists. We repeat 40 times.

Carrying out these simple exercises between the cases, you will very soon notice that the pointer of the floor scales began to deviate to the left, and the body became slim and fit.

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