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SILENT cooler: myth or reality?


Quiet refrigerator: myth or reality?</a>

Each refrigerator can be noiseless, but only at the moment when it does not work.

The device included in the network will make sounds - the only question is how loud they will turn out to be.

How to choose a noiseless refrigerator

The buzz of the refrigerator is an unpleasant phenomenon,Especially for people who live in a studio apartment and are forced to put up with this sound and endure it day and night. As an effective advertising move, manufacturers began to use the phrase "absolutely noiseless refrigerator." Alas, this is a myth: such equipment during the work will still make sounds, albeit quiet. Nevertheless, there are devices that work almost inaudibly, and the human ear does not catch the noise coming from them.

Be sure to review the manual and find outnoise level. Sounds with a loudness of 30-40 dB can be compared with a whisper, 45-50 dB - with an insect buzzing. The lower the noise level, the greater the chances that you will not hear it.

To keep the refrigerator quiet, it must beTwo-compressor. Compressors can be switched in turn, and since each of them is characterized by a relatively low power, the overall noise level will be low. One-compressor models are included less frequently, but work louder. However, this does not give producers of two-compressor refrigerators the right to call them noiseless.
The presence of the No Frost system increases the noise level: When such equipment works, you can hear a slight hiss and a specific sound that the fan emits. Want a noiseless refrigerator - choose a model with a manual defrost function. Also it should be noted that products that do not use freon operate louder than traditional models, where such refrigerant is used. They can make a murmur or gurgle.

How to reduce the noise that the refrigerator produces

Although absolute absence of noise during operationDevice in this case is almost impossible to achieve, there are ways to reduce the volume of sounds. First of all, you need to take care that the refrigerator was level, and the vibration was extinguished by special pads.

Even the quietest models will work louder if you install them incorrectly. To avoid mistakes, you can ask for help from specialists.

Do not place the refrigerator close to furniture and otherObjects, and place the dishes inside so that things do not come into contact with each other. Make sure that there is enough free space behind the device and on its sides. This will also help to avoid noise when the compressor vibrates and bring the expression "absolutely noiseless refrigerator" to reality.

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