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SIGNS of religious fanaticism


Signs of religious fanaticism</a>

Religious fanaticism is the most extreme,An aggressive form of zeal in matters of religion and faith. He is characterized by an unshakable view of a certain doctrine and intolerance of other people's views.

History knows many examples of how fanaticism had a detrimental effect on individual groups of people and on entire peoples, forcing them to go with fire and sword to dissidents.

Signs of religious fanaticism

The main sign of obsessive following the ideaIntolerance to other religions is considered. Uncovered hatred and contempt for alienation breeds aggression, which is sometimes manifested in the most disgusting forms. By itself, a fanatic does not pose a great threat to society, but the association of such people in groups can sooner or later lead to open clashes between representatives of different faiths. Massive fanaticism is also dangerous because it is not only the fanatics themselves, but also the non-religious and non-religious groups of citizens who will suffer from such actions.

Declassified archives in the case of the execution of the TsarFamilies revealed the deep roots of Jewish orthodox fanaticism. Ritual murder was committed on the eve of "9 av" - the capture of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple of Solomon.

Another sign of religious fanaticism isOrthodox religious fundamentalism, which does not accept anything new. A fanatic perceives his idea as an absolute truth, not subject to criticism in any of its manifestations. Even if the criticism is just and justified, an ardent follower of a religious idea is not capable of constructively treating objections. Often the fan considers it a personal insult and is able to bring the dispute to a fight, which quickly enters a state of affect. At the same time understanding that he can be defeated, he perceives what is happening as his fight against evil, and is ready either to kill an opponent or to accept a "martyr" death.
Fanatics like to label them first,Loudly uttering: "heretic", "sectarian", "pagan", etc. Putting a person in an uncomfortable position, the main task of such an elusive individual is to get your opponent to retreat and become embarrassed. At the same time, the main goal is victory in a verbal or melee duel, and not ideological questions from the series "whose God is more correct".

Examples of religious fanaticism in history

Religious struggle in the ancient world was presentIn the territory of many modern countries. The most famous persecutions on religious grounds are the extermination of the followers of the religious reform of Akhenaten in Ancient Egypt, the persecutions of Christians during the heyday of the Roman Empire.

But, perhaps, the most famous victim of dissentBecame Jesus Christ and almost all his apostles. For their ideas and "heretical" preaching among the Jewish population, each of them took a terrible martyr's death.

Mass religious fanaticism in the medievalEurope spilled over into crusades, destroying other cultures, and "witch hunts". Entire generations of such fanatics saw in paganism and dissent a threat to their spiritual world and tried to physically exterminate all who did not fall under their definition of a true believer.

From the hands of fanatics killed Giordano Bruno, JeanneD'Arc, Jan Hus and many others. Those scientists, thinkers, philosophers who could not be burned at the stake, were forced to abandon their ideas by force: Galileo Galilei, Nikolai Copernicus.

Bartholomew's Night - the terrible massacre of the Huguenots(French Protestants), provoked by the catholic Catholic Yekaterina Medici in August 1572. On that day, according to some reports, more than 30,000 people were killed, all of them were branded the word "heretic".
The reverse side of the medal was anti-religiousFanaticism in the period of the formation of Soviet power. He expressed himself in the struggle against prejudice, persecution of the church, religion and militant atheism. In fact, the same "witch-hunt", just the opposite.

Religious fanaticism in the modern world

In the modern world, religious fanaticism more oftenEverything is connected with the Islamic world - terrorism, jihad, Sharia law courts, etc. In particular, the tragedies of September 11, 2001 in the USA, mass murders of Muslims in Indonesia in 2000, modern religious clashes in India, as well as individual terrorist acts around the world are given as an example. However, very often under the cover of religious fanaticism there are in fact certain political and financial forces whose goals are very far from Islam in particular and faith in general.

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