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Signs of diabetes type I and II

Symptoms of diabetes type I and II

Diabetes mellitus type I and II proceeds differently each mean disease has its own unique symptoms and signs.

It is important to know them, so as not to miss the disease, risky mainly its complications.

Symptoms of type I diabetes (insulin-dependent)

In this disease the pancreas losesability to produce insulin. Ill mostly children and young people up to 40 years. Cause of the disease - necrosis of pancreatic cells as a result of previous infection, stress and autoimmunity.
Insulin-dependent diabetes is differentabrupt onset. Symptoms appear suddenly, health deteriorates, so the disease rarely occurs undetected. If you do not start treatment, developing diabetic coma.
sugar indicators
The first signs of diabetes is usually linkedwith elevated levels of blood sugar. Normal fasting figure does not exceed 5.5 mmol / l. If the average blood sugar levels over 9-13 mmol / l, the patient has the first complaint. An important feature is also large amplitude fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
Extreme thirst
Ill want to drink a lot, constantly tormented by thirst: day and night. The volume of liquid drunk may be up to 5 liters per day. Along with a thirst for possible dry mouth, sore throat.
Excessive urination
Patients hurts palpitations and profuseurination, daily urine volume greater than two liters, the toilet have to get up several times a night. The large volume of urine associated with it in the presence of glucose.
Weight loss and increased appetite
In the body of the patient with diabetes disrupted hormones. The man eats a lot, but quickly lose weight - up to 10 kg per month.

acetone breath
Acetone - a breakdown product of nutrients, diabetes they accumulate too much, so there is a corresponding odor from the mouth.
Fatigue and lethargy
High glucose levels, increased fat breakdowntissue dehydration and depressing effect on the brain. There are fatigue, decreased ability to work, irritability, frequent changes of mood.
Dry skin and itching
Many patients with diabetes suffer from drynessskin. The skin is prone to the formation of sores that heal very badly. Due to the reduced regeneration of a small scratch can develop into large ulcers. In some patients, there is a strong itching.
Blurred vision
An early sign of diabetes is a temporaryblurred vision that occurs due to sudden changes in sugar concentration. Blurred vision may last from several minutes to several days, then the sharpness of normal vision is restored.

Symptoms of Type II diabetes (non-insulin dependent)

In this form of the disease pancreasproduces normal amount of insulin, but it is not absorbed by the body. Type II diabetes usually sick people over 40, more women are overweight and hereditary predisposition. The disease develops gradually, the symptoms may not appear for years. As with type I diabetes, in this form can be itchy skin, thirst, blurred vision and excessive urination, but there are also features.
One of the early symptoms of the disease isHypoglycemia - periodic sharp decline in sugar. The patient in this state feels tremors, heart palpitations, strong hunger, cold sweats acts.
Weight gain
In insulin-dependent diabetes, hormonal disorders leading to rapid weight gain.
muscular weakness
Due to disturbances in the peripheral nervous system, reduced muscle tone, numb hands and feet, cramps occur.
The fragility of the bones occurs due to the high concentration of sugar in the blood.
skin symptoms
The characteristic skin symptoms of type II diabetes is considered black acanthosis - dark rough areas of the skin in areas of friction.
late complications
Often, diabetes (especially type II)It is detected only at an advanced stage, when there are late manifestations of the disease and complications - blindness, sores, gangrene, severe pain in the legs, impotence, violation of the kidneys and liver, a significant decrease in immunity.

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