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SIGNS impotence

Symptoms of impotence

In the broad sense of impotence is the inability of a man to perform sexual intercourse.

This is considered a serious manifestation of the disease, but in the early stages is quite easy to deal with him.

Impotence is of several types, each of which has its own symptoms and their treatment methods.

Types of impotence

Doctors have identified two main varietiesimpotence - psychogenic and organic. Despite the difference in symptoms, unifying feature of these diseases is a problem with erection. It may be absent entirely, partially implemented or to be mild.
Organic impotence occurs gradually. First, a man feels minimal discomfort during sexual intercourse, but over time the extent of his inability to get an erection only increases. Many people do not attach particular importance to the grounds of impotence, writing off of an active lifestyle, lack of rest or a bad mood. However, such formulations disease has nothing to do. The main features of organic impotence include - lack of morning erection, lack of sexual desire in women, sudden "weakness" of the penis during intercourse.
Psychogenic impotence appears suddenly andunexpectedly. In this case, even a man can not know in advance, get his sexual act or not. This impotence can be called a very unpredictable disease. The main reasons for its occurrence are stress, depression, aggression and internal man. Psychogenic impotence is even some psychological changes in the behavior of men. For example, he no longer likes brunettes, blondes, black tights, white sheets or other related aspects.

Impotence in the early stages can be easily treated. It is important to pay attention to your diet, lifestyle and be treated with special drugs.

Symptoms of impotence

The suspicion about the presence of impotence should beevery man, if erection problems arise at least a few times a month. In addition, the lack of erection during sexual intercourse, the morning erection, sexual desire, and premature ejaculation are the main symptoms of impotence.

In the treatment of psychogenic impotence are not always assigned to drugs or dietary supplements. Most often, the man simply undergoing sessions with a psychologist.

Figuratively, there are three main symptoms of impotence:
- Weak erektsiya-
- Lack erektsii-
- Uncontrolled erection.

Diagnosis of impotence

To identify the need to pass the full impotenceSurvey course which consists of several steps required. First, the doctor examines the patient's complaints, then assigned to the psychosocial examination, during which a man with a psychologist.
To confirm abnormalities in the bodySpecialist appoints gathering medical history and carefully studying the data of laboratory research. Depending on the degree of impotence following treatment - surgery, vacuum, medical, psychotherapeutic or injection method.

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