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Sign of the apocalypse in world religions

Signs of the apocalypse in world religions

Throughout the history of mankind hundreds of prophets, priests, and other clergy predicted end of the world.

Often, very fast.

In every culture the sunset of mankind was represented in different ways, but all agreed on one thing: sooner or later mankind, if not all, should disappear.

The arrival of the Messiah

Despite some differences in scenariosapocalypse, most world religions agree on one thing, that the Earth must step Messi, who is destined to cleanse the world of evil and judge mankind. The Court will certainly accompanied by a global catastrophe, which killed and most of the people.
Names vary messiahs, Christians, for example, waiting for the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Jews - the Messiah, and Buddhists - Maitreya.

Biblical script

The most famous today a doomsday scenario is described in the last book of the "New Testament" - "Revelation of John the Theologian."
"Apocalypse", this is the second title of the book,It tells about the events that must take place after the coming of Jesus Christ to the earth. The forerunners of the impending disaster and the arrival of the Antichrist should be dead birds falling from the sky. According to legend, during the great battle between good and evil to mankind will be revealed terrible wonders, such as the fire pouring from the sky, the resurrection of the dead and the coming of the angels.
According to the Bible, after cleansing the world of good and the victory of filth and sinful civilization should be reborn, this time pure and innocent.

The earliest prediction

According to scientists, the ancient texts,predicting the offensive end of the world, it is the "Avesta". This book is sacred in the religion of Zoroastrianism. A little later, in the course of displacement of Zoroastrianism, Islam, the main features of this prediction took over the Muslims.
According to the book "Avesta", the Earth released a term of 12thousands of years, which is divided into two cycles: the first - 3000 years of prosperity and peace, and the second - 9000 years of struggle with the evil associated with the arrival of Angra Manyu, dark deity.

Angra Manyu - dark demon, calling the land of evil spirits, monsters and other creatures, designed to enslave humanity and destroy the good.

Viking Legends

Another interesting version of the end of the world is possiblefind acquainted with the Scandinavian myths. We are talking about Ragnarok, described in "Völuspá". The fate of the world in this scenario depends on the god Odin and his son Thor, which will enter into battle with the evil, after a huge wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun.

Völva - witch fortune teller, telling about the offensive end of the world.

Tellingly, this myth echoes the biblical, at the end of the world of the Vikings should usher gjallarhorn mountains, the chimney Christian angels.

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