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Sign language. How to read minds without words?

Sign Language. How to read minds without words?

If you want to know what actually thinkspeople and what motives they are driven, pay attention to his knowledge of the West zhesty.Na nonverbal language - a prerequisite for anyone who aspires to a leadership position.

To read people like a book, it takes practice.

However, the meaning of certain gestures to determine not so difficult - with eyes and facial expressions, they talk about a lot of interesting interlocutor.

The gestures of sympathy

On the subject of his interest in the man willtalk a little leaning forward, using all possibilities of his voice, or touches his shoulder charmed the ladies. The woman, indifferent to the gentleman, elegantly shake his head to throw her hair back, pat some object (eg, glass), will play flirty shoe.

If you start to smarten up (adjusts his clothes, hairstyle), the likelihood that he likes you, equal to 90% in your presence someone.

ready Gestures

One such sign is a gesture of "hands on hips". Surely, intending to inflict disassembly lover you use his name. Another gesture - hands on knees. So sitting man ready to stand up and walk away, rests on their hands. At the same time, rubbing his knees, he is willing to answer you.

Gestures of openness

When we feel guilty, then hide in the handspockets or behind your back, but the striving for an open and friendly conversation, reveal their palms up. Open people will never hide the hand, and, on the contrary, show them, showing the sincerity of their feelings.

Gestures nervousness

Any compulsive gestures showinternal conflict, fears or anxieties. A person can nail biting, snapping his fingers, pinch the skin, to touch in the hands of the folds of clothing, pull hair. The most eloquent sign of his nerves completely - repeated repetition of the same movements with his hands.

Gestures closed

In what situation you are sitting cross-legged and evenwith arms folded? Most likely, surrounded by unfamiliar, hostile or unsympathetic person. It is noticed that people in the new situation increasingly adopting the closed posture. So we seem to limit your space, protect it from prying eyes.

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