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LANGUAGE of gestures. How to read thoughts without words?


Sign Language. How to read thoughts without words?</a>

If you want to know what you really thinkPeople and what motivates them, pay attention to his gestures. In the West, knowledge of the non-verbal language is an indispensable condition for all those who claim a leadership position.

To read people as an open book, practice is needed.

However, the meaning of some gestures is not so difficult to determine - together with a look and mimicry, they will tell about the interlocutor a lot of interesting things.

Gestures of sympathy

With the subject of his interest, the man willTalk, leaning forward slightly, using all the possibilities of his voice, or touching the shoulder of the charming lady. A woman, not indifferent to the knight, will gracefully shake her head to throw her hair back, stroke any object (for example, a glass), flirtatiously play with her slipper.

If in your presence someone starts to smarten up (adjusts clothes, hairstyle), the probability that he likes you is 90%.

Ready Gestures

One of these gestures is a gesture "hands in the sides." Surely, intending to make disassembly of your lover, you use it. Another gesture - palms on his knees. So, sitting man, ready to get up and leave, leans on them with his hands. At the same time, rubbing his knees, he expresses his readiness to respond to you.

Gestures of openness

When we feel guilty, we hide our hands inPockets or behind, but trying to open and friendly conversation, open their palms up. Open people never hide their hands, but, on the contrary, demonstrate them, showing the sincerity of their feelings.

Gestures of nervousness

Any obtrusive gestures of hands indicateInternal conflict, fears or anxieties. A man can nail his nails, snap his fingers, pinch his skin, wriggle his clothes, pull at his hair. The most eloquent sign of completely unraveled nerves is the repeated repetition of the same movements by hands.

Gestures of closeness

In what situation do you sit on your leg and stillWith arms crossed on his chest? Most likely, surrounded by unfamiliar, hostile or unsympathetic people. It is noticed that people in a new environment often accept closed poses. So we like limiting our space, we protect it from prying eyes.

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