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Shower cabin or bathroom: choice of choice


Before repairing the bathroom, especially inSmall apartment, often the question arises, what to choose - a classic bath or a new-fashioned shower. If the main thing is the issue of freeing space and comfort, then the shower cabin will outweigh. But lovers of a warm bath with fragrant foam will find it very difficult to take such a step. So what to prefer? For this it is necessary to learn all the subtleties of choice.

Bath: advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of the bathroom, because of whichMany have not been able to exchange it for the shower - it can lie down and soak in the foam after a hard day, especially if the bath has a hydromassage function.

To bathe a small child in a shower tray to youToo it will not be possible. And plastic baths for newborns by the 3rd month are becoming cramped for a caress who loves active movements. Although now they began to produce models with a high and deep pallet.

Hand washing, now though not often, but also included in the list of mistresses. A shower tray is not suitable for small "laundry".

The bath is very easy to clean, which can not be said aboutShower. Lime coating from all small parts of panels, doors you will have to clean every time after washing - and this is your precious time and energy.
In the bathroom there are practically no devices, so there is nothing to break. Then the breakdown of the shower can take you by surprise.

You can recruit a bath for almost any, evenThe very minimum water pressure. And even if the tap is only cold or hot, eventually you can still take a bath. What can not be said about the soul.

With all the undeniable advantages of the bath, there is aTheir shortcomings. Firstly, to make the bathroom comfortable to lie down and relax, it should be large and comfortable. So it will take precious centimeters of the area, which you can use for installing a washing machine or the necessary cabinet for underwear. Not everyone is ready to sacrifice this for the sake of a 15-minute pleasure.

Shower cabin: advantages and disadvantages

For people who do not like to take a bath, but are quite happy to limit themselves to a daily invigorating shower, the shower is the most suitable choice.

The main plus of the cabin is its compactness, and alsoSpeed ​​and convenience of the procedure. And safety. You do not need to clean the pallet as thoroughly as a bath and draw water. When using a shower enclosure, you do not need to move over high sides. For children and the elderly, the latter often becomes a real problem associated with traumatic situations. In addition, the cabin provides a seat, so necessary for the elderly and sick people.

The shower cabin also protects against splashes and puddles onFloor, flooding neighbors. In many models of cabins there are a lot of additional functions: contrast and tropical shower, hydromassage, ventilation, hands-free phone, multilevel and color lighting, radio, Finnish bath and aromatherapy. Every whim for your money.

But the shower has its drawbacks. If there is a bad water pressure in your house, some additional functions will not turn on. In addition, as mentioned above, it will be difficult for you to bathe your child, wash your laundry, you can not take a bath.

If you can not make a final decision in any wayA choice between a shower and a bathroom, the modern market offers specially for such buyers hydroboxes - something between the bathroom and the shower. They represent an enlarged shower cabin with a deep tray.

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