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How to show love to a child

How to show love to a child

Children are waiting for us to display love. Love that protects, a love that forgives and accepts you any.

But often parents restrain their emotions, fearing that the expression of feelings will make them more vulnerable, the children will benefit from this weakness and disobedience to arrange holidays.

But time flies so fast, soon the children grow up and express their love will have no one.

Do not waste your precious days, give their unconditional love a child today.



Often parents do not know how to express their love. And a storm of emotions only if the child receivesguilty. But even in this case, all the parental anger should be directed at the child with good intentions. No need to read notations and screaming. All words must be filled with a sense that their parents love you and worry about you. At this point, you have to look at the child's eye level, if necessary, squatting. A look can convey the full range of emotions, but in our case it is only necessary to transmit their love. After all, look - one of the first ways to show your child love.


Conduct an experiment. Count how many times a day you touch the baby with the manifestation of affection, and not necessarily (dress, bathe), how many times the hugs and kisses. Most adults are embarrassed to show their feelings through physical contact, especially with an adult child. Pediatricians have long proved that for normal physical and mental development of an infant he needed daily hugs and affection of parents. we exercise less and less with each year of a child growing up these caresses. Physical contact has a beneficial effect on the children, and get up to mischief calms. If you find it difficult to exercise such a feeling, start with a daily kiss for the night.


Children waiting for attention from us, and in return receive a TV, PC and PSP. Parents think that the benefits of civilization - a great way to show love child and find him a job. And they are actually waiting for our personal attention, and do not need a lot of money and time to do so. Get obschesemeynoe hobby on weekends skiing, for example. Such attacks will give the child the opportunity to feel that their parents belong to him and he is today - the center of the universe. There is nothing bad. After all, the parent love and support make us successful and strong already in adult life.

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