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MUST a hairdresser sterilize hairdressing tools


Should a hairdresser sterilize hairdressing tools?</a>

Every self-respecting beauty salon or hairdresser is always trying to provide its customers with the best possible service.

At the same time, some clients are still being askedThe question "how clean are the tools of the hairdresser?" - because they may have microscopic particles of skin and dandruff left over by previous visitors.

So should a barber sterilize his working equipment?

Sterility of hairdresser's tools

Combs, scissors and brushes used by the masterWhen cutting hair, it must be washed in running water, cleaned of visible contaminants and only then put them in a solution of the disinfectant. At the same time, the tool should be completely immersed in it, and then rinse with water. Also, the hairdresser can use a highly concentrated spray disinfector, which is sprayed over the surface of the instrument.

In addition, in the beauty salons must necessarily clean and disinfect dry-cooking cabinets for processing tools.

Hairdresser in beauty salon or hairdresser'sAlso must carefully sterilize hair curlers, clamps, nets and hoods for waving under running water with detergents. Removable electric knives of machines must be disinfected after each customer with a disinfectant solution, and their non-removable metal parts must be thoroughly cleaned of hair and sprayed twice with a disinfectant. After processing, the hairdresser's tool should be stored in a special place, where it will not be re-contaminated.

Mechanical cleaning or sterilization of tools

Cleaning the negligee from her hair cut hairdresserMust produce in the back room or specially designated for this place. It is forbidden to blow off hair with a hairdryer or shake it off the negligee near the work chair, as they get into the respiratory tract and can cause severe nasopharyngeal irritation or allergic reactions. For the disposal of used negligee and hair, the hairdresser must use hermetic containers, which are lined with disposable garbage bags.

Ideally, a hairdresser should not have one, but several sets of hairdressing tools, which he can change, without waiting for the end of disinfection.

Reuse of garbage polyethylenePackages and shaking out their contents in a container for household waste is strictly prohibited. Disinfection of hairdressing equipment can also be performed with the help of ultraviolet lamps that serve both as a bacterial disinfectant and for storing disinfected tools before the next use. Also, the hairdresser must keep clean the working mirror, chair and table, which accumulates a huge number of "traces" of customers in the form of particles of hair, dandruff and dead skin cells.

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