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Should I turn to fortunetellers

Should I turn to fortunetellers

Increasingly, people who doubt their future, are turning to psychics and fortune tellers. Their logic is understandable - you always want to be confident in the future.

Often, however, guessing becomes banal programming fate, which can lead to unpleasant results.

Can I apply to a fortune teller?

The future - a fragile, vague and uncertain thing. Any action in this potentially changes everything. That is why it is dangerous to apply to fortune tellers or psychics.
Firstly, there is no objectiveConfirmation of super-powers. Even assuming that such capacity may exist, their availability can not be checked. Often, most of the well-known "miracles" are well rehearsed tricks. Accordingly, it is great to get a chance to irresponsible charlatan who tells about the ten "crown of celibacy" and the evil eye, ask a lot of money for their removal, you will spoil the mood, and as a result did not change.

Second, believers turn to fortunetellers ordered. It is considered to be an appeal to the dark forces, and therefore a sin.
If you have recently converted to Christianity, think about whether to go to a fortune considering the fact that the priests condemn such practices.

If you do decide to go to a fortune teller, do not bring too much money. So you will be less tempted to buy some powerful trinket.

Thirdly, and this is very important,"Information" about the future can be programmed by you. Maybe you subconsciously start to perform actions that it will lead you to "predict the future". And well, if you naprorochili something positive and pleasant, and if you talked a fortune teller terrible things, and your subconscious mind has apprehended them as a call to action?

Of course, a positive prognosis can be extremelyuseful. People ask them to tell fortunes, to hear something good. Often a good fortune teller, a psychologist may suggest something important and meaningful. But even if you decide to go to such a specialist, do not do it a regular practice. Regular monthly forecasts will make you addicted to the fortune-teller, that will not lead to anything good.

Where to go for the programming of the future?

It is in the self-programming is hiding more thanall danger. Often, fortunetellers, psychologists arrange all these spectacular rituals like looking into a crystal ball or tarot cards to enter the customer in a suitable condition for self-programming.

Most of the "fortune-telling" is built on the physiognomy and subtle knowledge of human psychology. Various techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming easier gadalkin work.

Then their predictions seem to beginto come true, the client comes to them a few more times, bringing a lot of money. Quacks use this particular technique to convince the person that there are lots of negatives, from which you can get rid of, buying himself some unique talisman in his future. A person buys a trinket like a lot of money, subconsciously "puts a check" in the subconscious, and waiting until the amulet will work.

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