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Should I put vaccinated domestic cat

Should I put vaccinated domestic cat

Cats constantly living in a city apartment, most of the owners are in no hurry to vaccinate.

Perhaps they think that under these conditions of the animal is fully insured against any kind of infection.

But it is not so.

Infection, dangerous for the body of the cat,the owner can bring in an apartment on the shoes or clothing, of course, not even knowing it. Therefore, home life, who leads the cat is unlikely to be able to fully protect the pet from all sorts of infection. The stated time the vaccine will help save the cat's health, and neglect it not worth it.

Kittens can be vaccinated from the age of three monthsafter consultation with a veterinarian. If vaccinations have any contraindications, the doctor certainly will point to them. Vaccines are only in a specially equipped for this clinic - it created the right conditions for storing vaccines.

Before starting the vaccination should be a catproglistovat, ie clean the body of the worms, or the effects of vaccination can be extremely unpleasant. Deworming is not a one-off procedures - will need to repeat it in ten days. Drugs have no effect on the larvae of parasites, so to rid the animal of them at a time will not work.

Even after ten days can finally makethe first vaccination. For this purpose, a complex preparation, which includes vaccines against calicivirus infection, rabies, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis. If the animal vaccination is the first time three weeks after revaccination must perform. For her, using a drug that protects against infections of the same, except for rabies - re-vaccination is not required for it.

Next pet will need to be vaccinated atonce a year, but already re-vaccination is not required. Largely cat's health will depend on the terms of its content, so try to take care of the pet. A healthy cat will bring to your house a lot of joy and comfort.

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