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Is it worth it to vaccinate a domestic cat


Is it worth it to vaccinate a domestic cat</a>

Cats, constantly living in a city apartment, most owners do not hurry to vaccinate.

Probably, it seems to them that under such conditions of keeping the animal is fully insured against any kind of infection.

But it is not so.

Infection, dangerous for the feline's body,The owner can bring to the apartment on shoes or clothes, of course, without even knowing about it. Therefore, the home lifestyle, which leads the cat, is unlikely to fully protect the pet from all kinds of contagion. The vaccine delivered on time will help to save the cat health, and should not be neglected.

Kittens can be vaccinated from the age of three monthsAfter consultation with a veterinarian. If there are any contraindications for the vaccination, the doctor will certainly point to them. Vaccination should be done only in a clinic specially equipped for this purpose - the correct conditions for storing the vaccine have been created there.

Before you start the vaccination, the cat needsProglistovat, that is, clean the body of worms, otherwise the consequences of vaccination can be extremely unpleasant. Deworming does not apply to one-time procedures - in ten days it will need to be repeated. Drugs do not affect the larvae of parasites, so to save the animal from them at one time will not work.

In ten days, you can finally makeThe first vaccination. To do this, a complex preparation is used, which includes vaccines against the kalitsivirusnoy infection, from rabies, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis. If an animal is vaccinated for the first time, then three weeks later, a booster should be revaccinated. For her use a drug that protects against the same infections, excluding rabies - for him, a re-vaccination is not needed.

Next, the pet will need to be vaccinated againstOnce a year, but the revaccination is no longer needed. In many ways the health of the cat will depend on the conditions of its maintenance, so try to take care of the pet. A healthy cat will bring a lot of joy and coziness to your home.

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