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Is it worth it to warm wooden frames using Swedish technology?


Is it worth it to warm wooden frames on Swedish technology?</a>

If the old wooden windows have become unusable, what can you do - restore them or just replace them?

In the construction market in recent years has becomeIt is very in demand for such a service as the thermal insulation of frames on Swedish technology. But sometimes there are doubts - is it really possible to get a reliable modern window thanks to the repair of wooden frames and not pay a lot, or even do the work yourself?

"Swedish technology" is a kind ofWarming of windows, it is called so, because it is done using Swedish materials. Tubular seal, made of silicone rubber, is not afraid of dirt or paints. Manufacturers argue that the material will last for about 15-20 years.

As experts who are engaged in warmingFrames on Swedish technology, all operations on their own will not be easy to implement. It will take a corresponding instrument, and certain professional skills. Not everyone is able to perform a sampling by the milling cutter on the perimeter of the flap to get a groove for rolling the sealant into it - this is necessary to ensure that the material does not peel off after a while and does not fall out.

What is better - a double-glazed window or old, butRepaired frames? If there are problems with the frames, it will be necessary to choose which technology is preferable. What do you want to get as a result - a renovated window with perfectly closed doors and inserted seals, or you will be satisfied with a simple PVC window "turnkey"? At cost, they will cost almost the same, but not everyone likes double-glazed windows. This can be different reasons - for example, personal preferences of the owners.

When choosing insulation for wooden windows,So that the frames are not rotten - replacing the decayed elements will cost an astronomical sum. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the lower part of the leaflets and the window box, in the place where water flows from the glasses. If all this is rotten, alas, to restore or insulate the window does not make sense. It will be much more profitable to completely replace it.

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