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Should I insulate wooden frames on Swedish technology?

Should I insulate wooden frames on Swedish technology?

If the old wooden windows have become worthless, what to do - to restore them or just change?

In the construction market in recent years has become avery popular such a service as insulation frames for Swedish technology. But sometimes there are doubts - whether due to the repair of wooden frames can obtain reliable modern window and do not pay a lot, and even perform the work yourself?

"The Swedish technology" - a kind ofinsulation of windows, so it is called, as performed using Swedish materials. The tubular seal made of silicone rubber, is not afraid of any dirt or paint. Manufacturers claim that the material will serve to guarantee about 15-20 years.

According to specialists, engaged warmingframes on Swedish technology, own all the operations will not be easy to implement. And will take the appropriate tool, and specific professional skills. Not all are able to perform on the perimeter of the leaf sample mill to obtain a groove-rolling seal it - it is necessary to ensure that the material after some time did not come off and not fall out.

What is better - glass or old, butrenovated frame? If you have problems with frames will have to make a choice, which is preferable to the technology. What do you want to get a result - a beautifully renovated window closing flaps and seals inserted, or you want a simple PVC "turnkey" window? At a cost they cost almost the same, but not everyone likes the windows. This may have various reasons - for example, the personal preferences of owners.

Choosing for wooden windows insulation, check,to the frame were not rotten - rotten replacement elements would cost an astronomical sum. First we need to pay attention to the lower part of the flaps and window box in a place where water flows down from the windows. If all this rotten, alas, to restore or to insulate a window does not make sense. It is much more advantageous cost of its complete replacement.

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