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Is it worth it to install Windows 10?


Is it worth installing Windows 10</a>

With the release of a new version of the operating system from MicrosoftMany are wondering how to get Windows 10 for free and whether to switch to it from the usual XP or Windows 7. After all, the eighth version for most users has remained extremely unaccustomed and uncomfortable.

Tiled design, two user interfacesAnd the lack of a "Start" menu - that's what bothered most Windows users in the previous version. However, the developers of Windows 10 took into account a lot of wishes, so at the output a new version of the OS has:

  • Converted Start menu -
  • Voice assistant-
  • The new Microsoft Edge-
  • One user interface with universal applications for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Within 12 months from the release of the new OS, users are offered the option of upgrading to Windows 10 for free.

The developers argue that for installationWindows 10 will suffice the minimum system requirements of the computer, corresponding to Windows 8.1. For online updates, you will need the information of a Microsoft account and a working Internet.

Windows Features

The Start menu for Windows 7 users andBelow may seem unusual. Those who have already installed versions 8 and 8.1, the new interface will remind the usual tiled design in a more traditional embodiment. However, with the help of a small panel setup and changing the parameters of the "Personalization" section, you can achieve a less familiar look for the "Start" menu. On the panel itself you can change not only the size of the tiles, group and drag items, but also manage their number. Without additional utilities, you can now work in multi-window mode.

Development of universal applications for Windows10 will allow users not to feel discomfort, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop on one OS. All applications are available in Store, and allow you to download and work with programs without downloading distributions from the Internet, selecting the installation directory and a long process of downloading the file with the reading of the license agreement. It is enough to fix the link to the taskbar and log into any installed program instantly. All downloaded utilities will have a trusted source (the official Store store), enhancing the security of the system.

In Windows 10, you can create severalVirtual desktops, distributing all running processes according to the user's needs. Thanks to this, you can easily work in multitasking format, without getting confused in different projects, programs and dozens of Internet tabs.

Despite the advantages of the new system, so farThere are a number of problems with drivers and program compatibility. Therefore, you should not rush to update the system to Windows 10 in the first week of the release. It is worthwhile to give the developers of third-party programs the opportunity to make all the necessary innovations in the system by adjusting their products to the new version of the OS.

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