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Should I move to a private pension fund

Should I move to a private pension fund

Until the end of 2015 Russians should determine whether they retain the right to form the funded part of the pension in the amount of 6%, or reject it and send all funds to the insurance part.

In the first version, go to the pension fund (NPF).

The concept of NPF

Non-government pension fund - a special forma non-profit organization that manages the money without access to the accounts of citizens. In fact NPF - is an alternative to sovereign wealth funds, "Vnesheconombank". They also carry out investment savings of future pensioners in stocks, bonds and other securities to generate income.
What is the purpose of the pension reform of 2013? Today, every employer makes contributions to the pension fund 16% of the earnings goes to the insurance part, 6% - the funded. According to the reform, all the contributions of Russians who do not wish to transfer the funded part of pension NPF will go to the payment of current retirees (the insurance part), and the storage component is reset. called "Taciturn" The FIU of the Russians.

Benefits of NPF

By the end of 2013 Transfer of pension to NPF voted more than 24 million Russians under the age of 1967 The reasons that citizens prefer NPF, are associated with a number of competitive advantages in its relation to the "Vnesheconombank":
- Is the only way to maintain the funded part of the pension - with proper investment it can significantly augment the future pensiyu-
- Income received from the investment of pension money from NPF higher than that of "Vnesheconombank", in 2013 the profit of the last almost equal level with inflyatsii-
- Accumulative part of pensions involves greater flexibility in its management (so you can bequeath to anyone) -
- NPF customers always have the ability to monitor the status of the account through an online account.
Due to the planned for 2014 inspections of the Central Bank and of the incorporation procedure, funds should increase reliability. According to the law, even if the NPF bankrupt, he must pass all the savings to the pension fund that insures clients from the risk of loss of pension money.
The advantage of the state fund isstability due to the possibility of investing only in government securities. While NPF available investments in shares and other securities, making them pension funds managing more risky. At the same time the flexibility of investments and NPF leads to higher yields.

How to transfer their savings in the NPF

The first thing to do - the rightNPF. If you choose should take into account parameters such as the experience of APF on the market, the total volume of assets under management and the value of its assets, the total return of the fund over several years, as well as reliability.
to sign an agreement to go to the APF fromfund (in 3 copies), to write a statement about the transition from the FIU in the NPF. The client will need a passport and SNILS. It is worth noting that prior to the passage of funds corporatization and verification of the CBR, the admission of new clients temporarily suspended.

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