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Should I buy shoes nubuck?

Should I buy shoes nubuck?

Today, the Russian footwear market can meet a large number of products from the nubuck.

Shoes made of the material attracted by its aristocracy, pleasant appearance and a soft color light without glare.

What is nubuck

Nubuck, in fact, is the skin with fine hair detail,is subjected during the manufacture and polishing of chrome tanned from the front side using fine sandpaper or sand. It looks very similar to nubuck suede, but he made from the skin of cattle. In addition to shoes, nubuck make tight upholstered furniture. The big advantage of this material is an amazing strength and durability. If nubuck the manufacture of impregnated coated with grease, the material becomes water repellent.

Shoes nubuck: pros and cons

In the shoes of nubuck, like products from anyanother material has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits should include appearance. That's all the pros and end. The main disadvantage of nubuck shoes are choosy in terms of care, and the rapid contamination of the material. In order to clean the shoes from dirt and dust, you will need special brushes and products for nubuck care. In spring and autumn shoes nubuck wear is almost impossible - the product becomes dirty quickly, but loses the original appearance when in contact with water.

In winter, feet in the shoes of nubuck will not freeze, and in the summer - to sweat.

Tips for footwear from nubuck care

If you want to as long as possiblepreserve the appearance of nubuck shoes kind, then you should do some requirements. Immediately after the purchase of shoes you will need to buy paint in aerosol form for nubuck with a waterproof effect. With this paint you keep the original color of nubuck shoes, as well as be able to hide the worn material. After using the paint-spray is best to handle the special water-repellent shoes. So you're not much, but protect your shoes or boots from getting wet, mud, salt stains and dust.
In the winter season in the big citiesusing special reagents that sprinkled road and sidewalk. These reagents are left in the shoe awful whites tracks that hardly appear with nubuck. To get rid of these stains on footwear from nubuck, use, sponge dampened with water.

With careful care and respect for all councils nubuck shoes will serve faithfully for at least two or three seasons.

To clean nubuck shoes permitted only indry. If you need to get rid of dirt or dust on the shoes, you should use special brushes. When walking in boots or shoes with heels on a dirt road on the sole and the heel often form clumps of dirt. To remove them, you need to use a damp flannel cloth.


Do not use normal shoe polish onarticles made of nubuck. Otherwise, the shoes may lose the original appearance. Also footwear from such material should not be stored wrapped in plastic bags.

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