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Is it worth buying a car in France


The popular French car Peugeot 207</a>

To buy a car in France, you need to know a few simple rules for its acquisition.

It is important to choose the most successful purchase and decide on the delivery of the car to your country.

For the people living in France, it is worth askingWhether to buy here the machine does not arise. These people know that domestic technology is highly valued in the world car market and acquire remarkable stylish Peugeot, Renault and Megan. For Russians and other foreign guests with the purchase of a car, there are difficulties, but with the right approach to business they are easily overcome.

What difficulties can arise when buying a car in France?

First of all, this is a language barrier. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to think in advance of each step, choose a model of the car, learn all about its technical and other characteristics, determine the place of purchase. The fewer questions arise when you inspect and conclude a sales contract, the easier the transaction is.

There are two options for buying a car in France: Choose a used car and buy a new one from the saloon or car factory. In the first case, the risk to become the owner of a battered car after a qualitative repair is great, so you need to know this technique at a level higher than the amateur. Therefore, this option is suitable for those who are well versed in machines and will be able to determine its operational resource. In France, unlike the Russian Primorye, it is difficult to find a car with a twisted run, so this dirty trick is not worth worrying about.

Pros and cons of buying cars in France

Despite the fact that Germany is closer to theRussia, and the cost of cars is lower there, most of our fellow citizens are eager to acquire an iron friend in France. Perhaps, the attractiveness and romanticism of this country is affecting here, so they decide to combine the useful and the pleasant, and besides visiting car dealerships (car markets) they want to enjoy the beauty and comfort of French cities.

Buy a car in France will be easy, but ifYou decided to stay in this country, you will need to register it in the Prefecture and get local numbers. You can use the services of a ferryman, and buy a car from a dealer who sells licensed cars. To buy a similar iron friend via the Internet, you will need to register on a specialized French site as an EU resident company. You can choose a car with mileage on ordinary automotive resources, where access is not so difficult for a Russian.

Reviews about French cars veryContradictory. Many people do not advise stopping their attention. The former glory of these conservative and at the same time elegant and powerful machines has now significantly faded. Today, as a rule, the offspring of the French car industry are sold well only in their own country. But each person has their own preferences, and if you are a passionate admirer of Peugeot, Renault or Citroen, you can safely choose the way of buying and delivering a French car and enjoying its comfortable cabin and impeccable ride.

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