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Should I buy a car in France

The popular French car Peugeot 207

To buy a car in France, you will need to know a few simple rules of purchase.

It is important to choose the most successful shopping and resolve the issue of vehicle delivery to your home country.

To live in France, the question of whether or notbuying a car is not there. These people know that domestic appliances is highly regarded in the global automotive market and become wonderful stylish Peugeot, Renault and Megan. For Russians and other foreign guests with car purchase will certainly have problems, but with the right approach to business are easily avoidable.

What difficulties can arise when buying a car in France?

First, the language barrier. It is therefore strongly advised to think through every step, choose the model of the machine, find out all about its technical and other characteristics, to determine the place of purchase. The fewer questions arise during the inspection and the conclusion of the contract of sale, the easier the transaction occurs.

There are two ways to buy cars in France: choose a used car and buy a new one from the cabin or car factory. In the first case there is a risk to become the owner of the broken car after good quality refurbishment, so you will need knowledge of this technique at a level above the amateur. Therefore, this option is suitable for those who are well versed in cars, and be able to determine its service life. In France, in contrast to the Russian Far East, it is difficult to find a car with a mileage twisted, so this trick is not to be feared.

Pros and cons of buying car in France

Although Germany is closer toRussia, and the machines cost there is lower, the majority of our citizens are eager to acquire the iron it is another in France. Perhaps there affects the attractiveness and romance of this country, so decided to combine useful with pleasant and apart from visiting the auto (car market) are willing to enjoy the beauty and comfort of French cities.

Buy a car in France will be easy, but ifyou have decided to stay in this country, you will need to arrange it in the Prefecture and get local numbers. You can use peregonschika services, and buy a car from a dealer, who sells licensed cars. To buy the same iron friend via the Internet need to register on the dedicated French website as an EU resident company. Choose a car with a mileage as possible and on conventional resource of automotive subjects, where so complicated for the Russian access is not required.

Reviews of French cars is verycontradictory. Many do not advise them to stop on their attention. Former glory of these conservative and at the same time elegant and powerful machines is now much faded. Today, as a rule, the brainchild of the French automotive industry are well salable only in their own country. But each person has their own preferences, and if you are an avid fan of the Peugeot, Renault or Citroens, then you can safely choose the method of purchase and delivery of French car and enjoy its comfortable interior and excellent riding.

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