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How to shorten ski poles


How to shorten ski poles</a>

The length of ski poles is of prime importanceFor proper and safe skiing, so choosing sticks, you need to pay attention to their length and strength. It is important to remember that skiers are consumables, so do not choose the most expensive models, just as you should not pay too much attention to the material and construction of sticks.

A really important parameter is length.



To determine the appropriate length of the sticks, you needJust flat on the floor and pick up a stick, with the angle of the elbow bending ideally should be 90 degrees. True, in the store you will stand on the floor, so it makes sense to take Sticks 10-15 centimeters longer, especially since they can always be shortened.


Then, at home once again try on the length of the sticks and inIf necessary, shorten them to the required length. To do this, remove the handle, at first glance, it seems that it is not removable, but if you heat up the end Sticks, The handle is easily removed.


For heating, you can use any assistantmethod. For example, warm up the handle with a hairdryer, hold it in the oven or in a pan of hot water (pre-wrapped in a bag), you can even just warm the handle over the gas, constantly turning it. As soon as the plastic expands, the handle can be removed, most importantly, do not turn it so as not to deform the plastic, but simply gently pull it together Sticks.


Experienced experts adviseMake a stick on the stick to understand to what depth it will be necessary to dress the handle. After the handle is removed, the stick is sawed off to the desired length and again it is put on top.


At hand, you need to have a glue for the thermal gun, inThe first time can suffice and own glue, but if you remove the handles not the first time, they will probably have to be glued. Now having achieved the ideal length of the sticks, you can safely go to the track, and try out your creation.

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