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How to shorten the ski poles

The length of ski poles is of paramount importancefor the correct and safe skiing, so choosing a stick, you need to pay attention to their length and strength. It is important to remember that the poles of the skier - a consumable item, so you should not choose the most expensive model, just as you should not pay too much attention to the material and design of the sticks.

Really important parameter is the length.



To determine the appropriate length of the poles needexactly just stand on the floor and to take up the stick, with elbow bending angle ideally should be 90 degrees. However, in the store you will be standing on the floor, so it makes sense to take stick 10-15 centimeters long, especially since they can always be shortened.


Then, the house is still just an example to the length of the sticks andIf necessary to shorten them to the required length. To do this, remove the handle, at first glance, it seems that it is not removable, but if the end of the heat stick, The handle can be easily removed.


For heating, you can use any improvisedmethod. For example, a warm hairdryer handle, hold it in the oven or in a pan of hot water (pre-wrapped in the package), you can even just warm knob on the gas, it is constantly turning. As soon as the plastic expands, the handle can be removed, the main thing is not to turn it, so as not to deform the plastic, but just gently pull off stick.


Experienced professionals are advised to premake a notch on a stick, in order to understand to what depth will need to put pen. Once the handle is removed, saw off the stick to the desired length and then dress her up.


At hand you need to have glue Melt infor the first time may be sufficient and self-adhesive, but if you remove the handle is not the first time, they will certainly want to glue. Now, having achieved the perfect length poles, we can safely go to the track and test your creation.

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