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How to shorten the bracelet on the clock

How to shorten the bracelet on the clock

Many of us who bought or received as a gift a watch, faced with the size mismatch problem hands and bracelet diameter.

Do not be upset.

This problem is easily remedied even at home.

Following the instructions below, you can reduce the standard metal bracelet watch.



Before you get started, please bethe necessary tools: pliers, awl and a small hard object with a cavity (eg, nut). Also, do not forget to free the working surface of extraneous things, else fine details bracelet can be lost during operation.


Getting started with the bracelet. As for the hours usually metal bracelet consists of several parts and to shorten it, it is only necessary to remove some of these parts. removing snippets braceletRemember two rules. Firstly, if you bracelet shortened by more than one component part, need to remove parts of an equal amount on each side braceletOtherwise fastener hours can cause discomfort when worn. Second, note that not all parts bracelet identical. In most cases, the first two of them longer, so a better start shortened third part bracelet.


So, remove the excess fragment bracelet. Put the bracelet on his side, under the opening between the links bracelet Place a nut. On the other hand bracelet with an awl squeeze stud fastening element braceletYou want to delete. As a rule, it is easier to determine the direction in which you want to squeeze out a pin, on the reverse side bracelet There are arrows. Fully pin is easy to pull out with pliers. Remove the required number of pieces. After that you are ready to assemble bracelet: Simply connect via the studs remaining parts bracelet. Shorter watch bracelet ready.

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