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Short nails: how to bring beauty

Short nails: how to bring beauty

Many people, especially the ladies, it is believed that the beautiful and stylish can only be long nails. This greatly upset those women who, for whatever reason, long nails can not have.

And they are upset in vain.

Short nails are much more comfortable and practical than the long.

Now even noted this trend - long nails are no longer fashionable. Increasingly, you can see from the various "stars" is short nails.

How to make short nails beautiful?



beautiful nails It does not so much the length as grooming. Dirty, bed broken nails will not save any miracles nail art. This means that your nails need to constantly pay attention. Required regular hygienic manicure. Very useful nutrient bath, for example, sea salt and moisturizing oils. It should be used and special tools that strengthen the nail plate. This includes oil for nail care and varnish like "Clever enamel", which strengthens the nail and protects it from negative influences.


We must learn how your short nails form. It is better to go to a professional manicurist and see how it does it. First of all, here it works the same pattern as for the long nails - they must be the same length. Various Nail length is able to nullify the effect of even a good manicure. If nails you have wide, do not cut them too short at all, it can ruin the look of your hands.


Of course, important is the aspect of the decorative manicure.
Now in fashion minimalism, and this applies not only clothes, but also manicure. Therefore, it is possible to be limited to the application of nails Only one color lacquer, but if you like patterns - please, it can also give your hands extra oomph. Most believe that the short nails You can cover only the discreet light paints. This is a big mistake. Bright or dark colors of lacquer on the nails too short can look just great, and, by the way, visually nails lengthen. Do not get involved pearl shades. Much better on short nails looks matte finish, it looks much more natural.


If you want to put on nails drawing, it is also necessary to do the right thing. Do not draw on the nails short horizontal lines. It is better to place the image vertically. This visually lengthens and narrows nails. If nails very wide, the vertical pattern or "track"with crystals must be placed in the middle. Another feature short nails - they can not overload the drawings and rhinestones. Large pictures on this nail look good will not, however, dangerous and at the other extreme - the application is too small patterns. It is better to stick to the "golden mean." Another caveat - the pattern does not cover the entire nail area. The choice of colors limit to two or three shades.

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