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PURCHASE on the Internet


Shopping on the Internet </a>

A beginner can have a whole host of questions related to choice, security, exchange and return.

Let's try to understand the intricacies of shopping online.

Why on the Internet - cheaper

People's rumor says: On the Internet you can buy everything cheaper than in regular stores. Is it so? Imagine that you have come to a large store, where there are many showcases, fitting rooms and sales consultants. To make purchases is a pleasure, if not for high prices. Rent of the area, the salary of employees, utility payments - all this is included in the purchase price. Even the same thing in the center and on the outskirts of the city stands in different ways. Therefore, we can conclude that the prices on the Internet are lower than in conventional stores. After all, the owner of a virtual store needs only to take care of the development of a resource, and a simple warehouse is suitable for storing goods - no showcases, no expensive equipment, or staff. Due to the lower costs of running a store, Internet business owners can set competitive prices.


If you are new to online shopping, follow the two rules.

  • First, choose what you need, in the ordinaryShop, and then order the same product online. Especially it concerns large purchases (for example, furniture), when you need to see the color and texture live, and not in the picture.
  • As for the sizes of clothes and shoes, the sites have a guide on how to determine your parameters to a millimeter, so the error is virtually eliminated.

Price with a trick

You paid for the purchase with a card, but you withdrewMore than you expected? Perhaps you did not notice how much it cost to deliver. To avoid scams, choose the method of delivery of goods by courier with payment in cash. Over time, you will figure out what resources you can trust, and you can pay by credit card.


Many consumers are afraid of shopping online,Worrying that they will not be able to return or exchange a thing, in case it does not fit. Or worse - you will order one, and another one will be mailed by mail. Keep in mind that online purchases are subject to the same rules for consumer protection as for goods purchased at regular retail outlets.

It is necessary to avoid online stores that do not have the opportunity to leave comments under the product or somehow to find out customer feedback - it can be scammers.

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