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Shopping online

Shopping on the Internet

In the novice may be a number of issues related to selection, security, exchange and refund.

Let's try to understand the intricacies of shopping via the Internet.

Why the Internet - it is cheaper

Popular rumor says: on the Internet you can buy everything cheaper than in traditional stores. Is it so? Imagine that you come to a big store, where a lot of windows, fitting and sales consultants. Shop - a pleasure, if not for the high prices. Rental of space, staff salaries, utilities - all included in the purchase price. Even one and the same thing in the center and on the outskirts of the city is different. Therefore, we can conclude that the prices of the Internet is lower than in conventional stores. After all, the owner of the virtual store to take care only of the development of the resource, but also a simple warehouse is suitable for storage of goods - do not need no windows, no expensive equipment, no staff. Due to lower the cost of doing shopkeepers internet business can set competitive prices.


If you are new to online purchases, follow two rules.

  • Please select what you need, in the ordinarystore, and then make the same product online. This is especially true of large purchases (eg furniture), when you need to see the color and texture of live, not in the picture.
  • As for the size of clothes and shoes, the site has guidance on how to define your parameters to the millimeter, so the error is virtually eliminated.

Price trick

You paid for the purchase of the card, but you have removedmore money than you expected? Perhaps you have not noticed, how much is shipping. To avoid scams, select shipping method courier with payment in cash. Over time you will understand how the resources can be trusted, and you can pay by credit card.


Many consumers are afraid of shopping online,worrying that they can not return or exchange the item, if it does not fit. Or worse - you order one, and send by mail completely different. Keep in mind that online purchases are subject to all the same rules of consumer protection, and that the goods purchased in the usual outlets.

It is necessary to avoid the online stores that do not have the possibility to leave kommenraty under the product or otherwise find customer reviews - they can be scammers.

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