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How to take a wedding

The photographer is obliged not only to record what is happening around, but also to direct several production personnel</a>

Wedding photography requires a high level of professionalism.

The photographer has to be photographed in a variety of conditions.

Before you go to the wedding as a photographer, you need to stock up on good equipment. In addition, you need to know which moments must be fixed.

The photographer is obliged not only to record what is happening around, but also to direct several production personnel.



Before shooting, you need to prepare. First of all, provide yourself with the necessary equipment. It is most convenient to use two cameras with lenses with different focal lengths: one wide-angle zoom, another? Zoom-TV. This will allow you to shoot different subjects, without wasting time on changing lenses. Optics should be high-speed, otherwise many photos simply will not work. Provide both cameras with flashes. It is necessary to attach the diffusers to the flashes for softer illumination. Still grab a tripod. It will help you make beautiful interior photos in the restaurant. If you have the opportunity to carry reflectors? Take them. They are never superfluous. An assistant can also be very helpful. He can both carry and give you equipment, and take pictures from other angles.


Usually starts everything in the apartment of the bride. While girlfriends and relatives are fussing around the bride, you can make a lot of interesting staff. Take off, how the bride is doing make-up, hairstyle, as she is dressed up in a dress. At this time, there is absolutely no time to pose and everyone thinks about wedding affairs, and the bride is very worried before meeting with the groom. Therefore, the photographer here is the most expanse. As a result, the pictures are alive and touching.


Then more active actions begin: The groom arrives. The photographer should be on the alert. Relatives of the bride prepared for the groom many obstacles, through which he has to go. It is important to catch interesting moments. When the groom breaks through the porch, the photographer will need a flash with a diffuser. It is necessary to fight somehow with scant lighting. In general, in difficult conditions, when people crowd around the bride and groom, it is important to choose an advantageous position for shooting. Try to find the hill and shoot from above.


After the ransom, everyone usually goes to the registry office, whereThere is actually registration. Lighting here is usually the most successful and often light is very small. Therefore, you have to either raise the photosensitivity (do not overdo it), or use a flash (of course, with a diffuser).


Immediately after registering a marriage, they usually do a generalA snapshot (you will have many such photos on this day). Try to put people more interesting each time. In this case, make sure that everyone is clearly visible (for example, once again, rise on a hill). Take a few takes of one story. On one frame, the eyes of someone can be closed, but on the next one everything will be in order.


Be sure to take pictures of the moments when the groomTakes the bride in her arms when the young are greeted with a loaf, when they beat the glasses, when the bride throws a bouquet, the groom takes off the garter and other traditional actions.


During a walk you can do not onlyReportage shots, but also make a few production shots. Be creative and let it be young. Sometimes they themselves invent very interesting productions. And, of course, do not miss anything important and interesting. Do not forget that you need to take pictures not only of young people, but also of their wedding guests.


At a restaurant and any other place where there will bePass the rest of the festival, the lighting is usually very scarce, the walls can be very dark and in general there are just a lot of factors that complicate the work of the photographer. There will have to use a flash. Put a diffuser on it for softer and natural lighting. And now catch, catch and once again catch the most interesting moments. I wish you a successful photography.

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