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How to shoot a wedding

Photographer is obliged not only to fix the place around, but also to orchestrate some staged shots

Wedding photography requires a high level of professionalism.

The photographer has to shoot in various conditions.

Before going to the wedding as a photographer, you need to stock up on good equipment. In addition, you need to know what points have to be fixed.

Photographer is obliged not only to fix the place around, but also to orchestrate some staged shots.



you need to prepare before shooting. First and foremost provide itself with the necessary equipment. The preferred use of two cameras with lenses with different focal lengths: a wide-angle zoom, the other? zoom telephoto. This will allow you to shoot different scenes, without losing time to change lenses. Optics must be high-aperture, or many photos just do not get it. Make sure both the camera flashes. At the outbreak should attach diffusers for softer lighting. Another tack tripod. It will help you make beautiful pictures of the restaurant interior. If you have the opportunity to carry reflectors? take them. They never are not redundant. It is also very useful to be an assistant. He may like to wear and give you the equipment and take pictures from other angles.


Usually, it all begins in the bride's apartment. While girlfriends and female relatives of the bride bustle around, you can do a lot of interesting shots. Remove as a bride doing make-up, hairstyle, her dress up in a dress. At this time, it is no time to sit and think about all the affairs of the wedding and the bride is very worried before meeting with her fiance. Therefore, the photographer here is the expanse. As a result, the pictures are vivid and touching.


Next, begin more aggressive action: comes the bride. The photographer should be on the alert. Relatives of the bride groom prepared for a lot of obstacles, through which it will pass. It is important to capture interesting moments. When the groom will break through the entrance, the photographer will need a flash diffuser. It is necessary to struggle somehow with poor lighting. Generally, in difficult conditions, when the bride and groom around the crowded people, it is important to choose the best position for shooting. Try to find a hill and shoot from above.


After all foreclosures usually go to the registry office, wherethere is proper registration. Lighting is usually very good, and often there is very little light. So we have to bully or sensitivity (do not overdo it), or use the flash (of course, with the diffuser).


Immediately after the marriage is usually made commona snapshot (of the photos you have on that day will be a lot). Try every time to place people more interesting. At the same time, make sure that all were clearly visible (for example, once again stand on the hill). Do multiple takes of the same scene. In one frame can be closed her eyes at someone, and the next will be all right.


Be sure to take a picture of the moments when the groomIt makes a bride in his arms when the young meet loaf, when they beat the glasses when the bride throws the bouquet, the groom removes the garter and other traditional activities.


During the walk, you can do not onlyreportage pictures, but also to make some staged shots. Creative imagination and let do it young. Sometimes they think up some very interesting performances. And, of course, do not miss anything important and interesting. Do not forget that you need to take pictures of not only young, but also to their wedding guests.


The restaurant and any other place where it will bepass the rest of the festival, the lighting is usually very scarce, the wall can be very dark and generally appears at once so many factors that complicate the work of the photographer. Here it is necessary to use the flash. Put it on the lens for a soft and natural light. And now, catch, catch, and once again catch the most interesting moments. Good luck with your photography.

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