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How to shoot a video in Maynkraft

How to shoot video in Maynkraft

Players who have reached certain success in the Minecraft world, often want to share their achievements with others.

One way to do this - to remove the video on the game, his voice and put it on the Internet.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Client games-
  • - Internet connection.



To remove a video by Minecraft, you do noteven need a video camera. Now there are many free and paid programs performing so-called "video capture", ie, the ability to record on video everything that is shown on your monitor.


Download one of these programs, install andbe engaged in its setting. As a rule, it will be necessary to set the parameters relating to the quality of the recorded video (resolution, number of frames per second), as well as a way to save the finished video and audio settings. Such programs are able to distinguish between video streams issued by your video card to the monitor. For example, if Minecraft is running in a window, you can make it so that the frame is only the contents of the window, not the entire desktop.


Once all the settings are done, runprogram, and then he Minecraft. Switch to video capture application and select the appropriate list of process maynkarftom to only record the video stream. Now it remains only to press the hotkey to start recording.


Please note that not all programs at once capturecompressed video, so a two-minute video can take the amount of the order of gigabytes. To prepare the video for the web, it is required to process video editor. In addition to compression, video editor allows you to mount a video by removing the bad moments, but also provide an opportunity to impose a separate track. In addition, for the processing and assembly programs provide the ability to add subtitles to your video itself, do screen and insert additional effects.


There is also an alternative way to writevideo by Minecraft. This can be done by using a special mode for the game called MineVideo. To work correctly, fashion, you need to create in the root folder of the game video, archive and unpack the mod to the catalog at minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar. Now you only have to enter the game, press F6 to bring up the settings window, and specify the name of the movie was filmed, and the address of its location. Note that in this case, the rollers will also be pretty "heavy", so take their subsequent processing.

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