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How to make video in Maynkraft


How to make video in Maynkraft</a>

Players who have achieved some success in the world of Minecraft, often want to share their achievements with other people.

One way to do this is to shoot a video on the game, voice it and put it on the Internet.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - client of the game-
  • - Internet connection.



To make a Minecraft video, you do not need toYou need even a video camera. Now there are many paid and free programs that carry out the so-called "video capture", that is, able to record everything in the video format that is displayed on your monitor.


Download one of these programs, install andTake care of its setting. As a rule, it will be necessary to set parameters relating to the quality of the recorded video (resolution, the number of frames per second), as well as the way to save the finished video clips and adjust the sound. Similar programs are able to distinguish between the video streams that are output by your video card to the monitor. For example, if Minecraft is running in a window, you can make it so that only the contents of this window will be in the frame, and not the entire desktop.


After all the settings are done, runProgram, and then himself Minecraft. Switch to the video capture application and select the process with the maincard in the corresponding list to record only this video stream. Now it only remains to press the hotkey to start recording.


Please note that not all video capture software at onceCompress video, so a two-minute video can take a volume of the order of gigabytes. To prepare a video for publication on the Internet, it needs to be processed by a video editor. In addition to compression, the video editor will allow you to mount the video, removing the failed moments, and will also allow you to apply a separate audio track. In addition, programs for processing and editing make it possible to add subtitles to your video, make screensavers and insert additional effects.


There is also an alternative way to write downVideo on Minecraft. You can do it with a special mod for the game called MineVideo. For the correct operation of the mod, you will need to create a video folder in the root directory of the game, and unpack the archive with the mod into the directory at minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar. Now all you have to do is enter the game, press F6 to bring up the settings window, and specify the name of the video to be shot and the address of its placement. Please note that in this case the videos will also be quite "heavy", so their subsequent processing will be required.

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