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How to shoot a video camera

Compare camera with normal human eyes

Suppose you have decided to try their hand at video operator field. We have got a good camera, choose something that will be removed.

But where to start?

Which is better to avoid mistakes?

What you need to know the intricacies to get a decent picture?



Compare the camera with the ordinary human eye. Always perform this analogy when shooting. Remember that not typical panorama, sharp jumps image for the human eye. The picture should be static and stable, as the human eye. If you are shaking hands when you hold the camera, use a tripod or place the camera on a solid surface.


Tripod purchase in any case, he certainlyuseful to you. Do not spare money for a good tripod, take it at least $ 100 - they are light and compact, you can take them with you on any trip.


Use the zoom wisely. There are two types of zoom in cameras? optical and digital. According to the optical image quality much superior to digital. Use the zoom only in the presence of a tripod, so that the image is not shaking during the approach, and the accent is not using? Collision? those items that do not carry any meaning.


If your camcorder has no backlight, make it yourself from an ordinary flashlight by attaching to it a white plastic circle, which will play the role of light diffuser.


Add all the special effects only in the finished movie. The fact is that to remove the effect added directly at the time of shooting, you will not be able to, if you do not like the final version. Decide whether you want this or that special effect at home on the computer.


Do not mix full-time and artificial light. This will create artificial effect and can lead to severe distortion of the colors.


Keep the included mobile phones away from the camera. A better just turn them on while shooting.


If you want to provide your video commentary, do it already in the process of installation, but not during the shooting.


If you're shooting in the bitter cold, wrap the arm and camera scarf? so it will be easier to manage and less hands freeze.


If you're shooting against the light, turn on the backlight, or use a flashlight? Backlight will suppressant.


If you're shooting in a place where there are lasers, wear sunglasses, and a camera? dimming protective glass, so as not to spoil the eye and the lens.


If you shoot a close-up, drive the camera smoothly, do not jump from one plan to another.

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