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As filmed Citadel

War drama Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel" was published in the Russian and world screens in May 2011.

The film became a logical continuation of the drama "Burnt by the Sun".

In 1994, the Russian-French war drama"Burnt by the Sun" made a splash in the film community and has received "Oscar" for best foreign film. Despite the fact that the final picture has been quite straightforward, a few years later the director Nikita Mikhalkov decided to go back to the history of the division commander Sergei Kotov, his wife Maroussia, Nadia daughter and a family friend, who turned traitor and collaborator of the NKVD Mitya. In 2010, screens out the continuation of "Burnt by the Sun". The second part of a trilogy called "Anticipation" was as of 2012 the most big-budget Russian films.

The final picture, "Citadel", wasappear in wide release in November 2010, but the prime minister for some reason moved to 2011. The film was shot in parallel with the "anticipation", was attended by all the main actors involved in the first "Burnt by the Sun" Nikita Mikhalkov as Kotov, Hope Mikhalkov in the role of his daughter Nadia, Oleg Menshikov as Mitya. The only new actress who is already well-known character, became Victoria Tolstoganova. She tried on the image of his wife Ingeborg Kotova Maroussi instead Dapkunayte, which did not agree to the requirement for the director to refuse to participate in the filming of the reality show "Big Brother."

Preparing for the "Citadel" has taken in a lot of actorstime and demanded that each defined courage and zeal. Hope Mikhalkov, whose character becomes a medical unit serving in the war, interned in the Burdenko hospital, learning to open the vials of medicine with one hand. Dmitry Dyuzhev, played Belarusians, took lessons in the Belarusian language. A Victoria Tolstoganova hastily come in shape after giving birth, because during the filming had time to become a mother twice and pregnant third child.

The film was shot in the pavilions "Mosfilm", whereKotov was built cottage and on location, mainly in Gorokhovets on the Klyazma River, where the bridge was built, the church (later exploded in the frame) and the hundred-meter citadel.

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